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Miami Law Fast Facts

Entering Classes - At a Glance

Entering J.D. Class of 2020

Logo of a School

Undergraduate institutions represented

Majors represented

Attended an undergraduate institution outside of Florida

3,080 applications received

379 enrolled students

Medians: 159 LSAT | 3.53 UGPA


54% are women | 46% are men

From 35 states + DC and 23 countries

13% are first generation college students

53% are out of undergraduate school for one year or more


Age range: 20-51, Average age: 24

69% received merit-based scholarships

Logo Group of People

Minority representation

Speak one or more foreign languages

Entering LL.M. Class of 2020

Logo Map of the World

127 incoming LL.M. students from over
20 Countries

48% are women | 52% are men

The LL.M. student body represents a mix of full time, part time, residential, distance learning, joint degree, foreign-trained, and U.S.-trained students who range in experience from current J.D.’s to seasoned attorneys.

Learn more about our Post Graduate LL.M. Programs.


Experiential Learning

International & Interdisciplinary Opportunities

Unique Learning Environment

Strategic Location

Icon of building with columns

International banking center in the U.S.

Largest economy in the U.S. and 16th largest in the world

Multinational companies headquartered in Miami

For foreign consulates and trade offices in the U.S.

Countries represented and languages spoken

The 'U' Community

University of Miami

Law alumni represented in all 50 states, DC, several territories and 85 countries

Emphasis on student support through our Office of Student Services, Student Development Program, Academic Achievement Program, and the Mindfulness in Law Program

Law student organizations including Moot Court, Trial Team, 7 affinity groups, and 5 bar-related organizations

Attorney advisors available through the Career Development Office

Additional graduate and professional schools on campus