LawWithoutWalls (LWOW)

LawWithoutWalls (LWOW) is a non-profit experiential team-based initiative designed for practicing and aspiring legal and business professionals that bring a human-centered design perspective to law.
As such, LWOW unites law and business professionals with students from 30 law and business schools around the world to co-create innovative solutions to problems at the intersection of law+business+technology while developing the skills essential to all professionals today.


LWOW leverages intergenerational, cross-cultural, multi-disciplinary exchange to change the mindsets, skillsets, and behaviors of aspiring and practicing legal professionals. Given the needs of the global, complex, multidisciplinary marketplace, successful legal professionals must be creative problem solvers, leaders with a high risk tolerance and business mindset that can use technology, collaboration, leadership, and communication skills to overcome the walls of law. Therefore, LWOW focuses on:

1. Upskilling and Re-skilling

LWOW helps develop skills that are essential to being a successful legal service provider such as teaming, leadership, mentoring, communication, project management, innovation, cultural competency, business planning, problem finding/solving, presentation, technology, networking, and change agency. LWOW enhances your ability to engage in the way clients desire.

2. Transforming Culture and Relationships

LWOW is team based. In all LWOW offerings, teams of law and business professionals work with students from around the world to create viable solutions to real problems related to the business of law and/or social responsibility (or ESG). In the process, in addition to honing the DNA of an innovator and learning new methods of problem solving and innovation, participants transform relationships with their colleagues and their clients and learn new approaches to create community and culture change.

3. Creating Innovative Solutions to Real Business-of-Law and/or Social Responsibility Problems

In LWOW Sprint, in-person teams apply the 3-4-5 Method of Innovation™ (developed by Professor Michele DeStefano)  to co-create and present a Project of Worth: a practicable solution and prototype to a real problem sponsored by a corporate legal department, law firm, legal tech or services company or nonprofit organization. They learn design thinking principles and new ways to innovate and be agents of change. Most importantly, LWOW infuses the hearts and minds of those who participate with a passion and the tools for collaboration and transformation.

Get a taste of LWOW in action! Watch this Recap video of LWOW Sprint  2023 in St. Gallen, Switzerland.

LWOW 2024 Offerings - LWOW Sprint 2024

In 2024, LWOW Sprint is in-person with a 3-day hackathon “weekender” 15—17 March 2024 in Madrid, Spain in collaboration with and hosted by IE Law School (IE University).

Pre-Sprint Training Modules

Accepted students to LWOW Sprint will be required to participate in a short series of pre-Sprint training modules to help prepare for the Sprint experience. These modules are interactive; both asynchronous and synchronous and will run in the 7 weeks leading up to Sprint 2024 15—17 March. Attendance and participation are mandatory. 

Why Participate in LWOW?

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the global legal marketplace and how the rapidly changing legal and technological environment is impacting the expectations, work, and careers of legal professionals.
  • Learn knowledge and skills that can be leveraged to create value and meaningful change professionally and personally.
  • Learn the 3-4-5 Method of Innovation™ and design thinking principles.
  • Exchange and network  with 1000+ in our community of multidisciplinary, intergenerational change agents and innovators.
  • For students, LWOW Sprint 2024 is equivalent to 3 credits total in the U.S.
  • Visit our website for testimonials from LWOW Sprint alums here.

When and Where

The LWOW Sprint in 2024 will take place 15—17 March 2024 in Madrid, Spain at the IE University Tower in the heart of Madrid’s financial district (P.º de la Castellana, 259, 28029 Madrid, Spain). Students will arrive on Thursday 14 March, 2024 and depart on Monday 18 March 2024. Please visit our website here for a 2024 Program Overview for students. 

Student Application Process

Step 1: Get to Know LWOW

Before applying to LWOW, read all the information available about it on the LWOW Student Portal here.

Step 2: Apply (2024 student applications open 13 Sep 2023)

  1. Go online to the LWOW website and complete the online application. Requirements will consist of completing the application form including a short, but substantive response (500 words or less) to a prompt, a link to your LinkedIn URL, your contact information, and an Interview Video.
  2. Ask an academic or professional supervisor to complete the applicant recommendation on your behalf. The person completing this form should have experience working with you. 


Please visit the LawWithoutWalls website or contact Program Director Anita Ritchie at You can also reach out to Katherine Miranda, Sr. Program Coordinator, at