Reciprocity Policy with Other Law School Career Offices

Reciprocity Policy and Procedures*

The Office of Career and Professional Development (“OCPD”) at the University of Miami School of Law (“Miami Law”) requests limited reciprocity services from other ABA-accredited and NALP member schools that afford reciprocity to Miami Law students and graduates. Reciprocity allows Miami Law and other NALP member law schools to support the employment search of students and alumni from ABA-accredited law schools providing similar services. Reciprocity requests will ONLY be considered from ABA- accredited law schools. Reciprocity is unavailable from June 1st to November 1st, regardless of when initially requested.

*The OCPD reserves the right to modify its Reciprocity Policy and Procedures: if the requesting school has a more restrictive policy; to keep pace with the employment demands of local and national legal communities; and, according to its discretion.

Non-Miami Law Students Seeking Reciprocity With Miami Law

Reciprocity is granted on a one-to-one basis to students and graduates of accredited law schools that grant reciprocity to Miami Law students or graduates. Services are only granted to the extent that the reciprocating school provides in-kind services each year. We are not able to grant all requests.

Reciprocity Includes:

Remote online guest access to our online career opportunities (Symplicity). Guest accounts are "browse-only," meaning account holders cannot upload any documents to the system.

Reciprocity Limitations:

Reciprocity requests are for a three-month period. No renewal is allowed within a calendar year. The OCPD may restrict or revoke reciprocity privileges of any individual who misuses its services. A reciprocity grant does not include access to services such as career counseling, resume review, job fairs or on-campus interviewing. Reciprocity is provided only to 3L, LL.M. and J.D. graduates. Florida law schools are excluded.

To Request Reciprocity:

  1. Requests for reciprocity must be made by a career services official by completing our online form. An applicant granted reciprocity must state in each employer cover letter that, through a reciprocal agreement with the applicant’s law school, the job posting was provided by the OCPD;
  2. All requests are evaluated individually. A grant of reciprocity is not guaranteed;
  3. The OCPD only communicates with the requesting law school, but, as a courtesy, it will send a copy of the grant or denial to the requestor if their information is provided.

Request Reciprocity with the University of Miami School of Law

Miami Law Students Seeking Reciprocity With Another Law School

To Request Reciprocity:

  1. Please check the reciprocity policies of the law schools in the geographic area in which you are seeking career opportunities. Current reciprocity policies may be found through the NALP website. Make sure the law school’s reciprocity policies will meet your needs (remote online access) and provide reciprocity for your class year;
  2. Students must fill out the Reciprocity Request Form for Miami Law Students/Alumni to request reciprocity from another law school.
  3. You may receive reciprocity from only one school at a time. A letter requesting reciprocity will be sent by the OCPD. Please allow 10 working days from date of request for letter to be sent to other ABA-accredited and NALP-member schools that afford reciprocity to Miami Law students and graduates. Upon receipt of the requested letter, please allow 10 working days for a written response before communicating with the OCPD. The student/alumnus must await response from the school whose services are requested before contacting the school;
  4. Upon approval of reciprocity, the services at the career services office of the requesting school will require you to follow their reciprocitypolicy. Reciprocal services are available for a period of three months from the date granted.

Reciprocity Request for Miami Law Students & Alumni