Overview of Student Resources for Conducting a Job Search

The Office of Career and Professional Development (OCPD) is committed to assisting students and graduates of the University of Miami School of Law with their job search and professional development needs. The CPD offers comprehensive services and resources for students and alumni.

Take Advantage of Advisors

The Office of Career and Professional Development is comprised of a team of advisors, all of whom have law degrees and practical experience in different areas of law, and an excellent support staff dedicated to helping each student achieve his or her career goal.

Be Familiar With Job Search Timelines

Do Research and Make Use of CPD Resources 

The OCPD provides both written materials and online resources useful when conducting a job search in South Florida or for an out-of-town position. Use the OCPD’s list of Useful Online Resources which contains links to a variety of online sites including job search databases, employer directories, job posting sites, practice-specific organizations, legal recruiter directories and more. There is also a listing of extensive Job Search Guides published by the OCPD and information on doing a job search for those interested in the public interest sector.

Obtain Student Business Cards 

Whether seeking a job upon graduation, looking for an internship or externship during the academic year, or simply wanting to develop a network of contacts, it is never too early to think about how to build professional contacts. The Office of Career and Professional Development encourages students to have professional business cards to enhance their networking experiences. Please contact the OCPD at cdo@law.miami.edu with any questions about ordering business cards.

Network and Do Informational Interviewing 

Networking with attorneys and conducting informational interviews are more ways to conduct research into the practice of law. To get started on developing a network and for tips on how to conduct informational interviews, please read the Networking Guide and the Importance of Networking Handout.

Apply Using Well-Prepared Materials 

Job applications may require a number of different documents beyond one’s résumé. The following resources will help students prepare materials:

Interview Like A Pro 

Negotiate/Understand Job Offers