International Exchange / Study Opportunities

In today's global economy, expertise in only one country's system of laws is at times, no longer sufficient. While Miami Law has expertise in teaching in the area of international law, for students looking to learn more about international law beyond the classroom, Miami Law offers multiple opportunities to earn credit overseas

Most students typically go on an international exchange program either spring semester of their 2L year or fall semester of their 3L year. It is a unique way to:

- Broaden legal perspective and complement studies
Study transnational, EU, and interdisciplinary law
Build international networking contacts
Gain exposure to the civil law tradition

Fall 2022 Deadline: November 1, 2021

Country / City / University / Duration

Buenos Aires - University of San Andrés (1 semester)
Ghent - Ghent University (1 semester)
Rio De Janeiro - Fundacão Getulio Vargas School of Law (1 semester)
São Paulo - University of São Paulo Law School (1 semester)

Shanghai - Fudan University Law School (1 semester)
Shenzhen - Peking University School of Transnational Law (1 semester)
Bogotá – University of Los Andes School of Law (1 semester)
Cali - 
Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (1 semester)
Paris - Université Paris Descartes (1 semester)
Paris - Université Cergy-Pontoise (1 semester)
Versailles- University of Versailles (1 semester)
Berlin - Free University (1 semester)
Hamburg - Bucerius Law School (1 semester)
Leipzig - University of Leipzig (2 weeks*; Faculty Led)
Weisbaden - EBS Law School (1 semester or summer)
Hong Kong
Hong Kong - The University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law  (1 semester)
Dublin - University College Dublin (1 semester)
Haifa - Haifa University (1 semester)
Florence - University of Florence (1 semester)
Barcelona – ESADE Law School (1 semester)
Madrid** - Instituto Empresa IE (1 semester)
Madrid - Comillas Pontifical University (1 semester)
Segovia** - Instituto Empresa IE (1 semester)
Madrid* - ISDE (1 or 2 weeks; course on European Sports Law and/or Global Entertainment Law)

Geneva - University of Genva (summer course on International Cultural Heritage Law)
Zurich - University of Zurich (2 weeks* and 1 semester)

Other International Opportunities at Miami Law

* Students and teachers from both law schools meet twice a year for one week in the winter and one week in the spring or summer. See program page for specifics.
** Segovia is the location of one exchange program with IE on its undergraduate law campus (LL.B. program) and Madrid is the campus for another exchange option with IE's graduate law program (LL.M.)

What to Keep in Mind when Considering Study Abroad

Plan Early - Students with an interest in studying at a foreign law school need to begin planning for their semester, summer or week away as soon as possible, namely, during their first year of the J.D. program. Students must complete three semesters of the J.D. program before they are allowed to spend a semester at one of our partner schools.  The deadline to apply for the Fall 2022 semester is November 1, 2021.
Find Out about Second Language - Some schools only teach in the language of the country. For these programs, a UM Law professor will interview the student in the language prior to being nominated to participate.
Understand the Requirements & Tuition - Students applying to study at a partner schools should have a 3.0 GPA in Law School, and a specific interest/reason for wanting to study in a particular institution/country. Students who participate are ambassadors for the University of Miami School of Law, and are required to provide a report of their experience at the end of the semester. Tuition is paid to UM Law for the semester away, and loans are handled as though the student were studying at UM Law.

For International Exchange Students: What to Know About Coming to Miami Law

International Exchange Student Handbook - A comprehensive guide to helping international students prepare to spend a semester at Miami Law.
Also learn about Miami Law's International Exchange to LL.M. Transfer Program