Startup Practicum Student Helps International Startup Launch U.S. Headquarters in Miami


Pieter Louw, Chief of staff to the CEO; José Almansa, Founder and CEO of Welever; Camilo Padrón, Vice President for Welever USA; Ramón Giménez, Business Development Director; and José Carlos Diaz, Senior Economic Advisor

The University of Miami School of Law’s Startup Practicum provided legal assistance to the innovative global group Welever this spring as it established Miami as its U.S. headquarters to expand its highly successful social impact platform.

Startups that call Miami home can leverage many of the programs offered by UM, including the Miami Law Startup Practicum, a highly selective program led by Daniel Ravicher that provides all kinds of companies with access to the Miami Law School talent. This critical program renders local startups with the indispensable legal knowledge to navigate a range of legal topics.

The Madrid-headquartered company was brought into the practicum by LL.M. law student Jitka Kastankova who studied in a one-year international LL.M. program specifically designed for the foreign law graduate that emphasizes American common law and its impact in the global economy. 

Kastankova was an essential part of the legal development process for Welever concerning the data protection. She has been working on the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for the U.S. market to make sure the company’s data policy complies with the American law requirements. Kastankova continues to work on legal matters such as the brand protection because of her being registered as a student practitioner by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

"We love Jitka. She's a bright young lawyer, and she is already a significant asset for Welever," said Jose Almansa, founder and CEO of Welever. "The practicum is a great program that helps the community."

The movement of people-based innovation connects all kinds of social players resulting in escalation of its impact on the society. Because the change lies in the people as the individuals, anybody has a chance now to empower himself and become a part of this global community that shares the primary goal: making the world a more sustainable, generous, and fair place.

In 2015, the United Nations approved the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, highlighting 17 goals related to prosperity, including reorientation our world into a path of sustainability. Welever considers the figures are indicating that up to 80% citizens of the USA are willing to participate in some volunteering social initiative, but only 12% of them find a way to do it. Welever brings a solution to close this gap.

“The startup practicum was an exceptional experience when we had an opportunity to put hands on the practice of the law, got engaged with the clients face to face as well as being part of the solving many business challenges,” says Kastankova. “It is extraordinary rewarding feeling when the client sends you a 100% positive feedback. I highly recommend it to anybody studying law at UM; the practicum definitely augmented my UM law degree.”