EXPERTS IN THE NEWS: ‘Constitutionally Illiterate’ President, Mohawk Tribe Named in Suit, Sextortion, and Too Many Firefighters?


Donald Trump’s hypocritical attacks on the news media I The Boston Globe

“A president this constitutionally illiterate poses a direct threat to democracy,” said Mary Anne Franks, a University of Miami law school professor. His willingness to say such “uninformed things” raises the question of whether it’s “a diversionary tactic so people don’t see actual things taking place.”

Judge Asks if Allergan’s patent deal with Mohawk tribe is a ‘sham’ I CNBC

But Dan Ravicher, a law professor at the University of Miami, says the judge's order puts Allergan in a tough position, raising the question of whether naming the tribe as a co-plaintiff in the federal case could invalidate its sovereign immunity to the IPR challenges.

"It's a Catch-22," Ravicher said.

"Once they appear in federal court, they've now waived their tribal immunity."

Why Every Parent Needs to Know About Sextortion I Daily Beast

“Our culture’s unwillingness to talk openly and honestly about sex endangers children,” said Dr. Mary Anne Franks, who is a professor of law at University of Miami and the legislative and tech policy director at the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative. “Parents have to be willing to talk to their children about sex and the importance of sexual consent. Otherwise, they leave children to learn about sex from peers, porn, and predators.”

Is Mayor Barrett Playing With Fire? I Urban Milwaukee

“Rapid improvements in fire safety have caused a dramatic drop in the number of blazes, according to the National Fire Protection Association,” as Fred McChesney, a professor of law and economics at the University of Miami School of Law, has written. “Buildings are constructed with fire-resistant materials; clothing and curtains are made of flame-retardant fabrics; and municipal laws mandate sprinkler systems and smoke detectors.”


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