EXPERTS IN THE NEWS: Church/State Debate, Death Penalty Disarray & Enviromental Racism


The Supreme Court’s Incredible Privileging of Religion I New Republic

Viewed in this light, the court’s ruling in Trinity Lutheran is “an asymmetry that can only be explained by a preference for religion,” according to Nelson Tebbe, who teaches constitutional law at Brooklyn Law School. Caroline Mala Corbin, a law professor at the University of Miami, agreed. “The bottom line is an incredible privileging of religion,” she said.

Florida death penalty is in ‘chaos,’ former justice says I Florida Politics

“Every new penalty phase is going to have to be re-investigated and presented in full,” said Scott Sundby, a professor at the University of Miami School of Law. “There will not be an ability to simply rely on the prior penalty phase, because the Supreme Court … has come down with a number of decisions as to what is considered mitigation, arguing for a sentence less than death,” he added. “As we know, Florida has gotten its hand slapped a couple of times, because it had too much of a restrictive view of what constitutes intellectual disability.”

Every defense attorney will have to have a ‘mitigation specialist,’ Sundby said, who will go back and look at evidence before the trial, and evidence about the defendant’s mental health since he’s been on death row.

Dunbar toxic sludge cleanup starts with a fence I The Fort Myers News-Press

Brookes, who has partnered with the UM law team to seek environmental justice for the community, said he hopes the site will be open to citizens "to take their own samples and split samples with the city, to increase the woeful level of trust which was broken when the neighbors were not informed for decades."

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