MIAMI LAW EXPERTS IN THE NEWS: Nordstrom Maelstrom, Fiduciary Rule, SCOTUS nominee, and the New York Convention


White House advisor ‘counseled’ after brand promotion I WSVN

Caroline Mala Corbin interviewed (1:05) on ethics and constitutional maelstrom growing out of President Trump’s tweets about Nordstrom and Kellyanne Conway’s on-air commercial promotion.

“It is an abuse of office,” said Corbin. “Federal ethics regulations bar using the power of this office to advance the financial interest of his family, while they don’t apply to the president, they do apply to federal employees.”

Trump Can’t Stop the Retirement Revolution I Bloomberg Businessweek

The trend toward low costs and transparency isn’t reaching everyone. The Investor Rights Clinic at the University of Miami School of Law helps a steady stream of investors, many elderly or disabled, who had their life savings put in complex, risky, or expensive products. In January it began representing a woman in her mid-70s whose broker locked up more than half of her $250,000 nest egg in nontraded real estate investment trusts and other illiquid investments. Teresa Verges, director of the clinic, says none of her clients knew that advisers aren’t always required to put the customer’s interests first: “When we explain that to them, they’re just shocked.”

The case against Neil Gorsuch I The Hill

Caroline Mala Corbin, a law professor at the University of Miami, succinctly rejected the idea of corporations as having the capacity for religious belief. As she said, “for-profit corporations do not and should not have religious rights. They have no soul, and they certainly don’t have a relationship with God.”

2nd Circuit Provides Guidance Amid Post-Award Confusion I Law360

So the Second Circuit, in its decision, immediately clarifies that confirmation means enforcement, according to Marike Paulsson, director of the Miami Law International Arbitration Institute and one of the world's leading experts on the New York Convention.

Still, the fact that the lower court's erroneous interpretation occurred in a New York district court is especially troubling since it's a jurisdiction where many parties are known to come to enforce international arbitral awards, Paulsson said.

Are You A Solo? Do You Think You Are An Entrepreneur? Think, Again. I Above the Law

I can say there are some schools headed in the right direction.  I was an entrepreneur mentor for many years for the Law Without Walls program originating from University of Miami School of Law for going on four years. This program is very unique in that it teams up law students from over 40 law and business schools across the globe to create solutions to problems existing within the profession and they then pitch their ideas to Venture Capitalists.  

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