EXPERTS IN THE NEWS: Is Racist Speech Protected? Twitter’s Trump Dilemma, Alt-Right Trolls & Confederate Street Names


Some racist, homophobic chants in Charlottesville may not be protected under 1st Amendment Vox

Constitutional law experts say these last two examples may not be protected forms of speech.

"You could make the case that it was an insulting epithet, obviously a slur and racist comment that would provoke someone to retaliate," said Caroline Mala Corbin, a constitutional law professor at the University of Miami.

Twitter’s dilemma: What to do with Trump? Yahoo! News

Whether you're the president, a celebrity or Kim Kardashian, if you're in the public eye the kinds of things you are legitimately able to complain about are going to be narrower and narrower," said Mary Anne Franks, a University of Miami law professor and vice president of the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative who sits on Twitter's Trust and Safety Council.


Defending Alt-Right Trolls VICE News

Mary Anne Franks’s comments begin at 15:53

Florida racial tensions reflected in street-name disputes I Aljazeera

Osamudia James’s comments begin at 00:45

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