EXPERTS IN THE NEWS: Sanctuary Cities and Self Defense Insurance


Locals react to federal judge’s ruling on sanctuary cities I WSVN

Miami Law’s David Abraham weighs in on ruling blocking President Donald Trump’s order to withhold funds from sanctuary cities. (1:07) “It’s a temporary restraining order, which means that it can be and probably will be appealed to the higher court of appeals. On the other hand, the Trump administration has so alienated the federal judiciary that awe will probably see a slow rewrite of this proposal.”

The NRA Is Selling Insurance to Gun Owners Willing to Shoot in Self Defense I The Trace

Critics of self-defense insurance worry that if more people acquire the sense of security that can come with coverage, it could incentivize more of them to turn to lethal force.

“It makes people believe they really do have the entitlement to use force in situations where it’s not necessary,” said Mary Anne Franks, a law professor at the University of Miami. “Insurance says you can plan for these situations, and you’ll be covered if you’re in one.

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