Miami Law in the News Week Ending September 2, 2016


The Washington Post published Osamudia James’s op-ed on white anxiety. “Trump’s clunky, offensive outreach this week, then, is only a more extreme version of the beliefs many of us — left, right and center — already hold and frequently put into practice,” James wrote.

The Washington Post quotes Mary Anne Franks on the Leslie Jones internet hack attack. “I really hope that people understand that if we don’t put some real strong measures in place, we will start seeing this even more,” Franks said, “and that burden will be borne by the people this happens to most often. Specifically, women, women of color more-so.”

Think Progress quoted Charlton Copeland in a story about sexual assault and Title IX. Copeland told the progressive political news blog that a Texas federal judge’s injunction against the Justice Department and Education Department’s guidance on transgender students could end up being a model for those who want to argue Title IX is rulemaking not an interpretation of existing law.

The Daily Dot interviewed Mary Anne Franks for a story about whether former Congressman Anthony Weiner’s sexting constituted revenge porn. Franks told the outlet that covers internet culture that, because Weiner's photo does not depict nudity or sexual activity, it would not be covered under the the Intimate Privacy Protection Act, which has yet to reach a floor vote in the House.

The Florida Times-Union quoted Mary Anne Franks on State Attorney Angela Corey’s defeat in the Florida primary. “Corey’s loss is an encouraging sign that the public will no longer tolerate overzealous and unprincipled criminal prosecutions, including women and children,” Franks said.

The Huffington Post quoted both Tamara Lave and Mary Anne Franks in a story about Angela Corey, “one of the most reviled prosecutors in Florida.”

Law360 quoted Marike Paulsson on the nullification of the landmark Commisa v. Pemex opinion. Paulsson expressed astonishment that the court was putting an American gloss on international laws, Law360 reported.