Miami Law in the News Week Ending July 1, 2016


The Daily Business Review interviews Marike Paulsson on the struggle for diversity within the practice of international arbitration.

The Leesburg Daily Commercial quotes Caroline Mala Corbin with regard to a case before the U.S. Federal Court of Appeal for students to form a gay-straight alliance at a Florida middle school.

The LL.M. Guide quotes Carmen Perez-Llorca on strategies to increase TOEFL scores.

Esquire magazine quotes Mary Anne Franks in an article on the failure of a revenge porn law in Rhode Island.

Law360 quotes Marike Paulsson in the discussion for an online rating tool for international arbitrators that is not tied to an administrating institution.

VICE quotes Mary Anne Franks on the legal options available to unwilling participants in a documentary.

Florida Politics quotes Caroline Mala Corbin on the Supreme Court decision in Whole Woman’s Heal v. Hellstedt.

Legal Theory Blog publishes Caroline Mala Corbin’s writings on claims of religious burden in the Zubik v. Burwell case.

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