Miami Law Experts in the News: IRS Wealth Squads, Trump on Notice, Campus Sexual Assaults, and Winston Settlement


The IRS Wealth Squad: The Super-rich’s Worst Nightmare I How Stuff Works

 "This is the world we live in, in the last 20 years or so, where these people have net worths that are of a size that used to be reserved for institutions," says Stanley I. Langbein, a Harvard-trained tax lawyer and a professor at the University of Miami School of Law. "When I was practicing law in 1980, we represented someone named Marvin Davis, who was a Denver oilman. At that time, Marvin Davis was the only billionaire in the United States. Of course, now …”

Liberal Law Profs ‘Lay Down a Marker’ on Trump I Daily Business Review

In a recent letter, a group of liberal law professors, including University of Miami School of Law professor Caroline Mala Corbin, voiced "great concern" with President-elect Donald Trump commitment to the nation's constitutional system.

At MSU: Assault, harassment and secrecy I Detroit Free Press

Tamara Lave, a University of Miami law school professor who has written extensively about sexual assault investigations on campuses, said it can be challenging for universities to adjudicate sexual assault claims.

“It’s a really, really tough thing,” she said. “There’s a lot of alcohol and there’s a lot of things that start consensual and allegedly shift to somewhere in between.”

‘Strings Attached’ for Both Parties in Jameis Winston Settlement I Daily Business Review

But settlements sometimes get creative, and so the agreement could include additional requirements for the defendant, such as donations to anti-sexual-violence organizations, said Peter Carfagna, director of the sports track for the University of Miami School of Law's graduate program in entertainment, arts and sports law.

"There are strings attached, both ways, which can be pulled if the contingencies or the confidentiality aren't satisfied," said Carfagna, who is also chairman and CEO of Magis LLC, a sports marketing, management and investment company. He is not involved in the case.

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