Miami Law Experts in the News


D Magazine (Dallas, Texas) quotes Jan Jacobowitz in an article about cautioning law students about their online social media image.  “The takeaway for law students and lawyers alike remains: beware of what you post,” Jacobowitz said. “Membership in the legal profession affords you both 24/7 privileges and obligations.”

The New Yorker magazine quoted Mary Anne Franks in a longform article about online revenge porn. As Franks points out in the piece, laws with an “intent to harass” requirement does not punish those who run revenge-porn sites, and are benefiting financially.

Univision Noticias interviews David Abraham for a story about possible conflicts of interest between President-elect Donald Trump and Trump, head of a business empire. Experts recommend that, to begin with, "Trump puts its assets in a blind trust as soon as possible," Abraham told Univision. "It has been a great tradition in all political parties in the last four decades that those in executive positions create these independent trusts to manage their assets.”

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