Miami Law Receives Honor Roll Ranking in International Jurist for LL.M. Excellence in Career Advancement


International Jurist Best LLM Programs

The International Jurist story, “Best LL.M. Programs,” placed Miami Law as one of eleven law schools in their career advancement honor roll. The four criteria for placing on the career advancement honor roll were graduate employment outcomes, recruitment programs, career counselors, and networking opportunities.

Out of the 199 ABA accredited law schools, only 39 placed on one of The International Jurist magazine’s four honor rolls.

Career Counseling Specifically for International LL.M. Students

In Miami Law’s Office of Career Development Associate Director Yazmyne Vasquez Eterovic is the director of the international LL.M. career and professional development programs. Eterovic
received an LL.M. in American law from Wake Forest University School of Law, and a J.D. from San Martin de Porres University School of Law in Lima-Peru. Prior to joining the CDO, she worked in the attorney recruiting industry and has several years of international and immigration law experience.

“Yazmyne is a tremendous asset to the international program,” said CDO Assistant Dean Marcelyn Cox. “Her time and dedication to supporting the students creates fantastic opportunities for them."

The Career Development Office is comprised of eight advisors, all of whom have law degrees and practical experience in different areas of law, and an excellent support staff dedicated to helping each student achieve his or her career goal.

Career Networking Support for Students

Eterovic works with students throughout their studies to support them in obtaining their career goals including providing career guides specifically for foreign-trained attorneys.

“Our students have access to extensive resources such as personalized career advice, networking events, and variety of job opportunities. Our goal is by getting to know their former education and employment background to best prepare them through their LL.M. studies with a roadmap for the career ahead. This is what I strive for day-in and day-out and is my priority,” said Eterovic.

One way Miami Law supports students is it has participated for decades in the prestigious International Student Interview Program, or “the New York Job Fair,” which has helped students advance their careers.

“The support of the UM and especially the Career Development Office is a great plus, and the applicants are taught how to act on interviews and how to prepare, said Felipe Hassan, LL.M. ’18. “The job fair opened many doors for me professionally and was certainly one of the high points of the whole LL.M. experience.”

Miami Law’s LL.M. Options

Miami Law’s Post-Graduate LL.M. Programs help U.S. and foreign-trained law students and lawyers raise their practice to new heights and deepen specialization. The pivot point between the Americas and Europe and fueled by an influx of international ideas, students gain hands-on learning from the very best industry experts in a city that is a ready-made laboratory for legal training in various fields.

The top legal education trade publication often singles out many of Miami Law’s 11 LL.M. programs, including the LL.M. in Maritime Law, as one of only three programs in the country; the only online LL.M. program in Real Estate Development; and the only U.S. law school with a graduate program in Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law.

This past May, Miami Law graduated 68 students this spring - 23 entertainment, arts, and sports law, seven estate planning, eight international arbitration, eight international (U.S.-transnational law for foreign lawyers, international law, maritime law), 12 real property development, and 10 taxation.

Miami Law’s mix of LL.M. offerings include fulltime, parttime, residential, distanced learning, joint degree, for foreign-trained and U.S.-trained students, who range in experience from current juris doctors to seasoned attorneys represent more than a dozen countries.

“The University of Miami School of Law has a long history of welcoming international LL.M. students from around the world,” said Eterovic. “It is my pleasure to assist them throughout their LL.M. studies, but our work actually begins from before they arrive and persists until they set out for their new careers. With students representing over 33 countries in our LL.M. programs, we are helping to shape the global vision of the school of law.”

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