Professor Caroline Mala Corbin participates in Free Speech Symposium at Columbia Law School


Professor Caroline Mala Corbin's article, Government Employee Religion, has been published by Arizona State Law Journal.  Her short essay, “Is There Any Silver Lining to Trinity Lutheran Church, Inc. v. Comer?”, has been accepted for publication by Michigan Law Review Online.  Recent published commentary includes Masterpiece Cakeshop: Beware the False Equivalence, Take Care Blog, and Masterpiece Cakeshop: The Artistry is Irrelevant, ACSBlog.  Finally, Professor Corbin was an invited commentator at "A First Amendment for All? Free Expression in an Age of Inequality" Symposium sponsored by the Columbia Law Review and the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University. Professor Corbin teaches U.S. Constitutional Law I, U.S. Constitutional Law II, First Amendment, the Religion Clauses, the Free Speech Clause, and Feminism and the First Amendment. Her scholarship focuses on the First Amendment’s speech and religion clauses, particularly their intersection with equality issues.