“Living Law” Mini Lectures Launch New Students into Real-Life Legal Issues


During fall 2018 orientation, entering J.D. and LL.M. students get a taste of their legal journey to come via “Living Law Talks”- a series of dynamic, short faculty lectures. On August 10, the mini lectures will give students an opportunity to consider how the law they will be learning plays out in real life.

The brainchild of Acting Dean & Professor of Law Osamudia James, the talks commenced during Orientation in 2016. 

“They are a great way to kick-off the academic year, bringing students and faculty together to think about the broader societal landscape against which legal services are provided,“ offers James.

She adds, “The mini-lectures are also an opportunity to feature the broad array of expertise that can be found among Miami Law faculty, especially in areas that dominate current events, while at the same time engaging students on a broad array of social phenomenon that will be relevant to their legal studies.“ 

Reaction over the years from faculty and new students has been nothing short of enthusiastic. 

Rising 2L and Student Bar Association Secretary Sara Ptachik concurs, “During my 1L Orientation, I attended talks by my new professors on topics that piqued my interest. I especially remember attending Professor Alfieri's talk where he introduced us to ‘Old Smokey,’ an environmental hazard plaguing Coral Gables and Coconut Grove that would end up being a major point of discussion and focus in my Civ. Pro. 1 course.”
Ptachik even feels the talks had a lasting effect beyond her orientation – “The Living Law Talks gave me a taste for the study of law before classes began and an introduction to law school that prepared me for my first day. I even met professors who I later sought out for 2L and 3L course selections. The Living Law talks are an opportunity that can't be missed.” 

A few topics on the docket for the 2018 Living Law Talks include:

Will the growth of Artificial Intelligence put doctors and lawyers out of business?

Who should decide U.S. trade policy?

What made London and New York successful global financial centers?

Are you using a product made by slaves, and if you are, can you do anything to about it?

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