Professor Caroline Mala Corbin Publishes Two Symposium Essays


Professor Caroline Mala Corbin has recently published two new symposium essays:  "Terrorists Are Always Muslim But Never White: At the Intersection of Critical Race Theory and Propaganda," published in Fordham Law Review, and "A Free Speech Tale of Two County Clerk Refusals," published in Ohio State Law Journal.  She has also presented her more recent paper, “Government Employee Religion,” at a faculty workshop at Seattle University School of Law. Finally, she was an invited speaker at Connecticut Law Review's Symposium, "Religious Freedom: Liberty, Legislation, and Litigation."  Professor Corbin teaches U.S. Constitutional Law, First Amendment, the Religion Clauses, the Free Speech Clause, and Feminism and the First Amendment. Her scholarship focuses on the First Amendment’s speech and religion clauses, particularly their intersection with equality issues.