LL.M. in International Arbitration Opens Doors for Graduates to Next Chapter of Careers


Students are drawn to Miami Law’s White & Case LL.M. in International Arbitration not only because it is taught by the top arbitrators in the world and offers intern and externships at the most prestigious firms, but graduates of the program also land employment opportunities at the highest tiers of the field.

White & Case Scholar Madina Lokova came to Miami Law from Russia, where she received her J.D. from Moscow University. In June, she started as an international attorney in International Arbitration Practice Group in the White & Case D.C. office, following her May 2017 graduation from the program.

“I am proud to be an alumna of the White & Case International Arbitration LL.M. Program,” said Lokova. “The program deepened my knowledge of investment arbitration,and provided me with an opportunity to learn from world renowned experts in international arbitration and engage in interactive in-class discussions.

“The whole experience would not be possible without the support of White & Case partner and visiting Professor Carolyn B. Lamm. Professor Lamm’s career path and professional achievements are exemplary for me, and I am happy to work under her leadership here in Washington, D.C. My time at Miami Law was rewarding both professionally and personally and became a significant milestone on my way toward becoming an international arbitration practitioner. It made my dreams come true,” said Lokova.

Ukrainian Viktoriia Korynevych, a May 2017 graduate and International Arbitration Institute Scholar, has also joined the Washington, D.C., office of White & Case as a member of Professor Carolyn Lamm’s International Arbitration Team.

“I am very happy that I joined the White & Case family!” Korynevych said. “It is impressive to be directly involved in the cases which a few months ago I could have only imagined studying in the class.”

International Arbitration 2017 graduate Quentin van den Eynde started working as an Associate with the Dispute Resolution Practice Group of the law firm Simont Braun in Brussels, Belgium. Simont Braun’s dispute resolution practice is highly ranked in Brussels, Belgium.

“When I started my new work in June, I was immediately involved in a high profile international arbitration case held under the auspices of the LCIA; it was very exciting and challenging,” van den Eynde said. “Nowadays, a highly-specialized LL.M. degree such as the White & Case International Arbitration LL.M. is an unparalleled asset if you want to work in the field of international dispute resolution. During the program, the classes and seminars really prepare you for that work because they are very practical and focused on what matters for a practitioner. Moreover, it is very enriching to work so closely with some of the world's top experts in international arbitration, like Jan Paulsson, Martin Hunter, Carolyn Lamm, and Marike Paulsson.”

International Arbitration Institute Scholar Nawazish Choudhury came to Miami Law after eight years as a barrister in London. The Bangladeshi-born International Arbitration LL.M. graduated in May 2017, and headed to the International Arbitration department of White & Case in Washington D.C. this fall.  As an international lawyer, he works on both commercial and investment arbitration cases. The position gives a wonderful opportunity to learn from internationally renowned partners in the field of arbitration and to draw upon the specialized theoretical and practical courses from the LL.M. as well as his experience from the English Bar.

 “I am so excited to start this post,” Choudhury said. “I learned a tremendous amount about arbitration in Miami Law’s White & Case International Arbitration LL.M. program and was fortunate enough to obtain a scholarship from the International Arbitration Institute, complete two International Arbitration Practicum placements, a Research Assistant post with the International Arbitration Institute and as an Assistant Coach for the International Moot Court Program. The University of Miami opened the door to the next chapter of my career. Go Canes!”

In addition, Kristina Klykova, a Ukrainian Fulbright Scholar, and James East, a joint J.D./LL.M. graduate, completed summer placements with White & Case in D.C. last summer. They both have started as associates in the White & Case’s International Arbitration Team in the Miami and D.C. offices, respectively.

First E-Fellows Scholar Luca Thönes, who came to Miami Law from Germany, has started working in the International Arbitration team at Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft in Hamburg, Germany. There, she is working as an Associate (“Wirtschaftsjuristin”) in the area of dispute resolution, mainly on complex disputes and investment arbitration cases, and plans on taking a bar exam in the U.S.

“This LL.M. gave me the opportunity to acquire a fundamental knowledge of international arbitration,” the May 2017 graduate said. “The program also gave me the great chance to build a career in law based on my LL.B. and LL.M. degrees without being fully admitted to the German bar. I am glad that Dr. Richard Happ, Head of the International Arbitration team at Luther and a distinguished figure in international arbitration, is open to this new educational concept and willing to work with professionals of different backgrounds. During my time at Miami Law, I not only made friends for life but I received great support throughout the program from professors, program coordinators and fellow students. It was a great experience!”

Kenyan Victoria Kigen has been working as a law clerk at Stewart Law & Mediation, PLLC, one of the leading law firms in dispute resolution in Iowa, since the beginning of August. There, the International Arbitration Institute Scholar works in the field of dispute resolution, particularly, Mediation, Arbitration and Civil Litigation and takes part in advising several Iowa cities in which the Firm represents.

“I must mention that I would not have been here if I had not gone through the White & Case International Arbitration LL.M. program,” said the 2017 graduate. “I thank the program for believing in me.”

After receiving his LL.M. in International Arbitration from Miami Law in May 2017, Monzur Rabbi, a Fulbright Scholar from Bangladesh, went back to his home country and returned to his father’s law firm Rahman & Rabbi Legal where Monzur is functioning as the Managing Partner. Monzur is a Barrister (England & Wales) and is currently practicing as an Advocate of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. Monzur focuses on representing clients with cases involving arbitration (both national and international), business law, banking and finance, corporate finance, employment and labor law, energy laws, merger and acquisitions, securities, telecommunications law, property and trust litigation.

The White & Case International Arbitration LL.M. Program, under the leadership of Jan Paulsson, provides a unique individualized educational opportunity for a small group of top quality students from a range of countries, wishing to acquire an in-depth grounding in the field of international arbitration as a platform for a successful career. The program - the only one of its kind in the United States - is open to U.S. and foreign-trained law graduates, and is ideal for newcomers to the field or experienced practitioners looking to enrich their skills and knowledge.