International Moot Team Qualifies for Round at Hague; Student Wins Best Oralist Award


Miami Law’s International Moot Court team of Javier Roldan Cora, 2L, Alejandra Chinea, 2L, and Leticia Mora, 3L, placed third at the International Criminal Court Competition Regional Round, qualifying for the International Round in The Hague, Netherlands. Cora, who played the role of prosecutor, was named Best Oralist in the competition. Chinea received an honorable mention for the defense brief.

Alejandra Chinea, Andrea Mateus, Paula Arias, Javier Roldan & Leticia Mora

“The International Criminal Court Moot Competition was one of the most exhilarating and rewarding academic experiences I have ever had,” said Cora. “To see the team work so hard, for so long, and have it come together in such a great performance was incredibly gratifying.”

The team was coached by Paula Arias, Director of the International Moot Court Program, and assisted by Andrea Mateus Rugeles as a co-coach, who is a visiting scholar from the Universidad El Rosario de Bogotá, Colombia. Mateus Rugeles is working with Arias on a project about the peace process in Colombia.

“We had the opportunity to compete against many schools and view the legal issue from many perspectives,” said Mora. “It was also a great chance to truly work as a team in order to craft legal arguments from every lens: the prosecution, defense, and victim’s side. Overall, I believe this competition allowed me to become a better writer and advocate and I now feel equipped in maneuvering the international criminal law system.”

The team has been preparing since last August on a case that arises out of allegations of genocide and crimes against humanity committed by members of a military regime.

“I am very satisfied with the results and the great performance of the students,” said Arias. “We are looking forward to competing at The Hague.”

The ICC Moot Competition at The Hague will be held on May 14-19, 2017.

“The Regional Round was a great showing of teamwork, from everyone involved, and we are really happy with the results,” said Cora. “The International round is up next, however, and we are more passionate than ever to do even better and represent The University of Miami School of Law admirably.”

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