Professor James Nickel Lectures on Human Rights at Universities throughout Europe


Professor James Nickel recently completed a lecture tour in Europe.  On September 11 he gave a lecture, “Are Human Rights Parochial?”, at the University of Fribourg Law Faculty in Switzerland. On September 22-23 at the University of Warwick in England he gave a research seminar, “Linkage Arguments in Attack Mode,” and was one of the speakers in a workshop.  On September 26 at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland he gave a lecture, “Assigning Functions to Human Rights.”  On October 3 at the University of Venice Nickel participated with two other speakers (Claudio Corradetti and Giorgio Caesarale) in a symposium on his 2007 book, Making Sense of Human Rights, 2nd edition.  On October 10 at the University of Zurich Ethics Center he gave a lecture, “Assigning Functions to Human Rights.”  Professor Nickel holds a joint appointment in the Philosophy Department and the Law School.  He teaches and writes in human rights law and theory, political philosophy, philosophy of law, and constitutional law.