University of Miami Law Review Boards Announced for 2016-17


The incoming executive boards for the University of Miami Law Review, The Business Law Review, Inter-American Law Review, International & Comparative Law Review, and Race & Social Justice Law Review have been announced.

University of Miami Law Review Volume 71 Executive Board:

Nicole Comparato, Editor-in-Chief
J.P. Shami, Executive Editor
Lanette Suarez, Executive Editor
Annelise Del Rivero, Executive Editor
Annie Brett, Senior Articles Editor

Beth Coplowitz, Senior Notes and Comments Editor

Paige Comparato, Senior Notes and Comments Editor

Sara Klock, Senior Writing Editor

Sogol Ghomeshi, Symposium Editor
Anta Plowden, Eleventh Circuit Editor

Samuel Goodman, Online Editor

Michael Rodriguez, Managing Editor

Suzanne Aldahan, Articles and Comments Editor

Andrew Sarangoulis, Articles and Comments Editor

Brooke Patterson, Articles and Comments Editor

Sara Klock, Articles and Comments Editor

Brittany Stockman, Articles and Comments Editor

Mark Kuivila, Articles and Comments Editor


University of Miami Business Law Review

Editor-in-Chief: Elizabeth Gil
Executive Editor: Sara Usman
Executive Editor: Brett Silverberg
Senior Articles Editor: Ailin Caballero
Senior Notes & Comments Editor: Victor M. Iglesias
Senior Notes & Comments Editor: Brittany Gunter
Managing Editor: Amber Dawson
Alumni Editor: Joshua Bautz
Senior Writing Editor: Deepti Orekondy
Online Media Editor: Giordi Valdivia
Articles and Comments Editor: Amanda Kapur
Articles and Comments Editor: Nicole Perez
Articles and Comments Editor: Nicholas Fernandez
Articles and Comments Editor: Alexandra Lavalanet
Symposium and Events Editor: Nicholas Catrakilis

University of Miami Inter-American Law Review

Editor-in-Chief: Linet Suarez
Executive Editor: Emily Balter
Managing Editor: Frank Carrasco
Student Writing Editor: Nicole Downey
Online Content Editor: Lindsay Gale
Articles and Comments Editor: Daniella Jaramillo
Articles and Comments Editor: Connie Chen
Articles and Comments Editor: Ian Maiolo
Articles and Comments Editor: Aneta Kozub

University of Miami International & Comparative Law Review

Editor-in-Chief Alina Gonzalez
Executive Editor: Nikki Rigl
Executive Editor: Vincent Calarco
Managing Editor: Ashley Morales
Articles Editor: Elise Haverman
Events Editor: Christopher Palomo
Articles and Comments Editor: Matthew Luttinger
Articles and Comments Editor: Gavin Rynard
Articles and Comments Editor: Dan Piscottano
Articles and Comments Editor: Trevor Gillum

University of Miami Race & Social Justice Law Review

Editor-in-Chief: Marlon Baquedano
Staff Managing Editor:  Chantelle Melendez
Business & Online Managing Editor: Lauren Maddox
Senior Articles Editor: Michael Braunstein
Submissions Editor: Sawyeh Esmaili
Chief Notes & Comments Editor: Joelle Vogel
Writing Competition Editor: Amanda Powell