Equity Playhouse Host Award Show Parody


On March 3rd, Miami Law saw the return of its annual live production, Equity Playhouse. Entirely run by students, this year's theme was “The Sebastian's,” an award show parodying The Oscars. Awards ranged from Best Dressed Professor to Best Student Organization, as students put on crafty impersonations before an audience of faculty, administrators and students inside the Storer Auditorium at the School of Business.  

The night was filled with laughter and cheers. One of the many highlights of the night was a Bar Review debate featuring Presidential hopefuls Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Sarah Palin- portrayed by 3L Matt Deblinger, 1L Lindsay Abbondandolo, 1L Jordyn Cohen and 2L Cristy Garcia. Masterfully hitting each candidate's pop culture persona, Hillary Clinton claimed she was simply a "Barbri girl living in a Barbri world", Bernie Sanders spent his allocated time perplexed by the graphic nature of Snapchat, and Sarah Palin arrived late because she was "stopped to do one of those mindfulness exercises." Meanwhile, Donald Trump won the audience over with his formidable promises through "Trumpis" Bar Review: free purple parking spots and a wall built around the law school during reading period.

“The Sebastian's” was directed by 3L Ashley Ahearn, who co-hosted the night with 2L Johnny Bartz. Head writing was handled by 1L Michael Monajemi, and assistant director was 3L Victoria Illa.

"Equity Playhouse works so well because it gives our students an outlet to express their artistic and creative talents," says Ahearn, who took the stage in five different costumes. "Even if it's just for one night."

With over 40 years of productions under its umbrella, Equity Playhouse has become an iconic Miami Law tradition. Asked about the jovial impact the show has on the law school campus, Matt Deblinger, still in Trump character, pouted his lips and smirked. "It's gonna be yuge."