Professor Anthony Alfieri's Article on Law School-Affiliated Public Service Projects to be Published


Professor Anthony Alfieri's article "Community Education and Access to Justice in a Time of Scarcity: Notes from the West Grove Trolley Garage Case," will be published in the Wisconsin Law Review. This article is part of an ongoing series of case studies on the progress of law school-affiliated public service projects conducted in partnership with faith based, nonprofit groups for the purposes of educating and training law students in community lawyering. Professor Alfieri is the Director of the Center for Ethics and Public Service, Founder of the Historic Black Church Program, and Dean's Distinguished Scholar. He teaches civil procedure, ethics, professional liability, public interest law and leadership, social entrepreneurship, and lawyer malpractice. He has published more than 70 articles, essays, and editorials on ethics, criminal justice, poverty law, and the legal profession in leading journals and book anthologies.