Law Students Tread the Boards for Good Cause: Laughter. Buy Your Tickets Now!



Cast member Ali Iftikhar, 1L. (Photo: Nick Madigan/Miami Law)

Intent on raising revenue and promoting the law school's virtues, Miami Law's administrators agree to let camera crews turn the lives of faculty and students into a reality show. Chaos ensues.

Fortunately – or not, depending how you look at it – it isn't true. But it's dramatic fodder for Miami Law: Sold Out, a theatrical production from Equity Playhouse that focuses on life at Miami Law as cameras track its daily activities. Not content with the students' humdrum struggles, the producers come up with big ideas about how to make the law school experience more exciting. New programs are introduced and pseudo-celebrities thrown into the mix, making Miami Law even more chaotic than it may already appear to be. See what happens when people stop being polite and start selling out.

The lights go up on Miami Law: Sold Out on Thursday, March 28, at 7 p.m. in the Storer Auditorium, a one-and-only performance by, for, and about law students. The stellar cast includes William Bucciero, Carrie Cabrera, Nejla Calvo, Gretchen Cothron, Trey Dahl, Justin Diner, Zachary Hammond, Alyssa Hirji, Ali Iftikhar, Jessica Johnson, Trinity Jordan, Jeremy Kahn, Olivia Kelman, Matthew Kohen, Jessica Lee, Zachary Ludens, Orchadia McLean, Freddi Mack, Joseph Matthews, Liana Nealon, Richard Rosengarten, Abraham Rubert-Schewel, Andrew Rubin, Sam Shidban, Stephanie Silk, Sara Solano, Brian Stewart, Fernando Valle, and Alyssa Williams. There may even be a red carpet, and possibly a panting member of the paparazzi, but we're not sure.

Equity Playhouse has a long tradition of staging shows at the University of Miami School of Law. Founded in 1960, Equity Playhouse's theatrical productions use song, dance, and skits to lampoon professors and life at the law school. Years back, Equity Playhouse regularly performed in front of sold-out audiences of some 500 students, faculty members, alumni, and friends. The show takes a different form every year, based on whichever concept emerges from the script-writing team. It might be a parody of a Broadway show or an awards dinner, or a production that emulates Saturday Night Live, but the focus on law school life always remains.

The mission of Equity Playhouse is to help the law school community partake of a little raucousness. Many law students can sing, act and dance, but – buried as they are in their books – who would know? The shows are the only outlet on campus for them to display such singular talents. Equity Playhouse strives to provide comic relief just when students might need it most. All members of the UM community are welcome – nay, summoned – to join the fun.

Tickets are being sold on the Bricks every day through Thursday the 28th. Admission is $5 for students and $10 for non-students. For more information, click here.

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