Professor David Abraham Serves as Visiting Professor at Hafia University and Delivers Paper


Professor David Abraham has been serving as UM's first Visiting Exchange Professor at Haifa University's Faculty of Law. Building on an exchange agreement that recently brought Prof Eli Salzberg of Haifa to Miami, where he conducted a highly successful short course, Professor Abraham is teaching a course on Immigration and Citizenship Law to a diverse group of Israeli and foreign students. In addition, Abraham delivered a paper to Haifa's faculty seminar titled "Social Solidarity and Multiculturalism: Tensions within Liberal Legal and Social Theory." Abraham stressed the need for high levels of social democratic solidarity to push back against aggressive neo-liberal policies while acknowledging that those same social liberal values required the recognition and some measure of deference toward difference. Professor Abraham teaches Property, Immigration & Citizenship Law, Citizenship and Identity, Law and the Transition to Capitalism and Law and Social Theory. He has been widely published in each of those areas as well as serving as a frequent media commentator for American, German, and Israeli newspapers and television.