Professor Anthony Alfieri Presents New Article on Law Firm Malpractice Disclosure


Professor Anthony Alfieri recently presented a new article, "Deception and Delay in Law Firm Malpractice Disclosure," at Hofstra University Law School's conference on The Ethical Infrastructure and Culture of Law Firms. Professor Alfieri, a Dean's Distinguished Scholar, is the founder and director of the Center for Ethics and Public Service and the founder of the Historic Black Church Program. He teaches civil procedure, ethics, professional liability, public interest law and leadership, social entrepreneurship, and lawyer malpractice. Professor Alfieri has published more than 70 articles, essays, and editorials on ethics, criminal justice, poverty law, and the legal profession in leading journals and book anthologies. His work has been cited and downloaded more than 2,750 times in books, law journals, social science networks, and the media.