Nicaraguan Educators Visit Miami Law to Discuss Internationalization of Legal Education


The Office of International Graduate Law Programs and the Miami Council for International Visitors recently welcomed a group of Nicaraguan higher-education administrators to discuss the internationalization of legal education.

The delegates were nominated by the U.S. embassy in Nicaragua to the International Visitor Leadership Fellows Program, a professional exchange program run by the U.S. Department of State. The program brings current and emerging foreign leaders to the U.S. for short visits to discuss ideas. The visiting administrators, representing some of the most prestigious institutions in their country, were interested in learning about the growth and internationalization of education.

"A key to internationalizing legal education is attracting the most world-renowned faculty," Jessica Carvalho Morris, Director of International Graduate Law Programs, said as she addressed the visitors. "That, along with the academic quality of our international student body, has more than doubled our applications and our program's size over the last five years."

Sandra Rios, a Central American University Superior Council representative, took away a lasting impression of the Office of International Graduate Law Programs. "I was impressed with the leadership of the program as well as the management of international law programs which are pertinent and relevant in a global context," Rios said. "I also learned about the importance of the role played by universities in connecting with key societal actors."

The visit is evidence of the program's ties to the local community through the partnership with the Miami Council for International Visitors, referred to by the acronym MCIV. The council welcomes hundreds of distinguished visitors every year, believing a warm handshake marks the beginning of long-lasting friendships. "MCIV is committed to citizen diplomacy and uniting the future global leaders with the exemplary individuals in the Miami community," said Koi James, program associate for the council. "The Office of International Graduate Law Programs is very focused on fostering a very international model of education, and MCIV is dedicated to maintaining the globalized objectives of our mission. But beyond the professional relationship between our organization, the meeting was only possible because we believe in each other's programs and are confident in the strength of our respective objectives."

Morris expressed her support for MCIV and looks forward to continuing to welcome international visitors. "The Office of International Graduate Law Programs has a long-standing partnership with the Miami Council for International Visitors," she said. "We are pleased to welcome the Nicaraguan visitors to Miami Law."

The Office of International Graduate Law Programs has graduated more than 1,300 alumni who are living and working in more than 90 countries around the world.

For more information or to schedule a tour, contact the Office of International Graduate Law Programs by phone at 305-284-5402, via e-mail at or on the web.