Colombian Professor Drawn by Miami Law Expertise


Diana Correa thought about coming to Miami Law to finish her Ph.D. thesis because she was looking for a peaceful place to work. After visiting the school's website, she discovered the wealth of experts here and her mind was made up.

"I wanted a balance," said Correa, a professor and researcher at Universidad Externado de Colombia and now a visiting scholar at Miami. Correa is completing her Ph.D. in public international law at the Pantheon-Assas Paris II University and must submit her thesis – "The Notion of Legal Stability in International Investment Law" – by the end of the year.

"I met Jan Paulsson in Paris and knew he was in Miami and is such a genius in International Law," she said, referring to the head of the international arbitration program at Miami Law. On the Miami Law website, she found Markus Wagner, whose teaching focuses on international law and comparative law and who ultimately, she said, was "unbelievably supportive and so very nice and helpful."

She also mentioned the expertise of Albert Jan van den Berg, who is visiting Miami Law from the Netherlands, where he is a law professor and the Arbitration Chair at Erasmus University Rotterdam and whose specialty is investment law.

"So Miami provided a peaceful place filled with great professors and the academic support I need," said Correa, who chose the topic of her thesis because of her extensive work in arbitration and investment law. "I have always worked in arbitration and in investment law on both sides as a lawyer and professor. I like the topic. I know the topic. It is very familiar to me."

A native of Colombia, Correa moved to Paris after receiving a scholarship from Externado. "I always wanted to continue studying international law and wanted to further my knowledge of international arbitration," Correa said. "And of course there was the personal side of the decision – I always wanted to visit Paris."

Correa will be returning to Colombia at the end of the year and intends to continue her work on Externado's faculty after completing her Ph.D.