Secretary of Security, Justice and Citizenship to Speak on the Brazilian Prison System


Brazil's new Secretary of Security, Justice and Citizenship of the State of Tocantins, Dr. João Costa, will speak at Miami Law on March 29 as part of the International Graduate Law Programs Lecture Series. The lunch event will take place in the Reading Room of the Law Library at 12:30 p.m.

The focus of the event is to discuss the collapse of the Brazilian prison system and how to solve prison overcrowding. Dr. Costa will talk about one of the worst prisons in Brazil, and the possible measures that the government should implement in order to reduce recidivism. He will also explain how he combines his position as secretary with his legal background and education.

"We are thrilled to have Secretary Dr. Costa come and speak at the School," says Jessica Carvalho Morris, Director of the International Graduate Law Programs. "The prison system in Brazil is consistently rated one of the worst in the Americas, so we are looking forward to his talk about ways of improving it."

Dr. Costa is a well-known Brazilian lawyer who represented many Brazilian and Portuguese politicians, including presidents and prime ministers. He practiced law for 19 years and became a specialist on Supreme Court trials with a success record of 90 percent.

He is a professor at many universities including Brasília Catholic University, where he teaches classes on Penal Law, Constitutional Law, Constitutional Theory, and Supreme Court Cases.

As Secretary of Security, Justice and Citizenship, he is in charge of the construction of three new prison buildings, the reduction of overcrowding at the State System, as well as the restructuring of the Policy Department and the reduction of drug trafficking and consumption.

The Secretary is committed to restoring prisoners' dignity and human values.

The International Law Lecture Series is run by the International Graduate Law Programs office, and promotes the intellectual exchange of ideas and highlights significant legal topics relating to international law. Miami Law professors and renowned keynote speakers lead the lectures, facilitating attendees to think critically about current issues in the international and comparative law fields.