Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens Visits Miami Law


Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens visited Miami Law recently to speak with students and faculty about his tenure as an Associate Justice. As students lined the hallway outside the room holding their ticket before the lecture, many wondered if the Justice would wear his signature bowtie. He did.

The well-attended event began with an intimate chat with Professor Mary Doyle, who made this event possible. This set the stage for the close conversation that unfolded into a casual question and answer session among students and Justice Stevens.

"To be able to have the chance to hear from Justice Stevens directly is a rare treat," said Jason Brodsky, J.D. '10 – a former Dean's Fellow who had served as Professor Doyle's assistant for three semesters. Brodsky is currently a White House fellow and works on the President's Council on Environmental Quality. "Professor Doyle should be commended for inviting him and making this visit possible."

Justice Stevens, a soft-spoken Republican and former antitrust lawyer from Chicago, served as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court from 1975 until his retirement in 2010. He was the third-longest serving justice in the Court's history. He was appointed by President Gerald Ford, and is widely considered to have been on the liberal side of the Court.

"It was an amazing experience to have the students interact so intimately with the Justice," said Kristina Mills, 2L, President of the Black Law Student Association. "It was definitely an important moment. It means a lot to me."

Students who were unable to obtain a ticket were able to watch the event from an overflow room down the hall, or could watch it live on their desktop.