Society of Bar & Gavel Members Tutor Children at Overtown Youth Center


Members of Miami Law's Society of Bar & Gavel volunteered to tutor children this past Saturday at the Overtown Youth Center.

The Society of Bar & Gravel, which was founded in 1949, is one of Miami Law's most prestigious student organizations. Its members are made up of individuals recognized for contributing to the life of the law school, its local community and beyond.

Second-year students Erik Neff and Chris Callahan were excited to work with the children.

"It was invigorating to interact with kids who were so motivated to get as much school work done as they could in a little less than two hours," said Neff. "The kids knew what they wanted to do. They led you through their learning experience. Truly, it was fulfilling."

Activities such as tutoring at Overtown Youth Center help the Society of Bar & Gavel fulfill its mission, which is to be ambassadors of Miami Law, said Society of Bar & Gavel President Rob Collins. Part of the organization's mission is to create bridges, relationships and opportunities.

"Having the opportunity to spend time with hard-working, motivated, bright young students reminds me why it is pivotal that we spend time volunteering in the community and showing these students that their efforts are worthwhile," said Rachel Kipnis (1L) who enjoyed helping a group of girls with their math and reading.

The Saturday tutoring session not only built the children's confidence, but also gave something back to the volunteers.

Miami Law student Kristina Mills (2L) was touched by a student's answer to an essay question: "What would you change about the world if you were President?"

"It was interesting to hear her response as she discussed many of the issues that presently affect her personal experience living in Overtown," said Mills. "I love volunteering there; it's truly a great program."