Miami Law Magazine

Feature Story

Dear Miami Law Community,

I am honored to serve as your Interim Dean and excited to learn more about Miami Law, the university, and the South Florida community during this time of transition. 

It is also my pleasure to introduce the 2021 Miami Law Magazine. This online edition illustrates that Miami Law has unusual strengths in many areas, particularly those featured - International Law, Environmental Law, and Trial Advocacy.

In my short time at Miami Law, I have been very impressed by the faculty, curriculum, and students. The faculty are dedicated to their teaching, the research that illuminates their teaching, and educating the next generation of Miami lawyers. The law school has a broad and deep curriculum, and it has ramped up and emphasized experiential learning and technology. I discussed these subjects, and more, in a recent interview with our dedicated, law alumni office. The students are, of course, our reason for being and they give me great hope for the future of the legal profession.

You – Miami Law’s graduates – are an integral part of what makes this law school stand out from the crowd. You mentor our students, help them land positions, teach in our many programs, and generally serve as ambassadors for Miami Law in Miami and South Florida, but also nationally. Thank you for all you do to make this law school great.

Miami Law is diverse, exciting, and unique. As you read through the online version of Miami Law Magazine, you will learn about some of these incredible people – our faculty, students, and graduates.

Sincerely Yours,

Nell Jessup Newton
Interim Dean and Visiting Professor