Supplemental Materials

Selected Hightlights of 2017 Tax Act and Estate Planning Considerations - Steve R. Akers

Starting Off On the Right Foot While Avoiding Foot While Avoiding Foot Faults - Issues at the Formation of the Closely-Held Business - Samuel A. Donaldson

Putting It On & Taking It Off: Managing Tax Basis Today for Tomorrow - Paul S. Lee 

Wednesday Morning - WIll You Still Need Me - Bernard A. Krooks

Selected Subchapter J Subjects: From the Plumbing to the Planning, Preventing Pitfalls with Potential Payoffs - Amy E. Heller

Special Session I-A - Building Basis, Beyond the Basics - Paul S. Lee

Special Session I-B - Special Issues in Drafting (and Administering) Buy-Sell Agreements - Nancy G. Henderson 

Special Session I C - Two Systems Separated by a Common Language: U.S. Tax Law Meets Non-U.S. Trust Law - M.Read Moore, Alec R. Anderson
Recent Legislation and Case Law in Bermuda

Special Session I C - Bermuda Cases: In the Matter of the G Trust, In the Matter of the ESD 1994 Trust and the Matter of the Marlborough Trust
In the Matter of  XYZ Trusts, GH and IJ V KL and others

Special Session I C - Bermuda Legislation: Section 47 & 47A Trustee Act 1975, Perpetuities and Accumulations Amendment Act 2015

Special Session I D - Review of the Past Year's Significant, Curious, or Downright Fascinating Fiduciary Cases (at least it seems to me) - Dana G. Fitsimons, Jr.

Special Session I-F - Structuring Philanthropy - What Works When - Martin F. Hall

Thursday Morning - Dishing the Dirt - Farhad Aghdami

Demystifying International Tax Planning for Individuals - A Primer for the Domestic Estate Planner - Scott A. Bowman

Special Session III-C - What the Heck(erling) is Going on with Life Insurance Planning after Tax Reform? - Lawrence Brody

Special Session III-F - Employment and Immigration Law 101 - Linda M. Doyle

Special Session IV-A - Magic Age TCJA Update is 70 1/2 2018 - Natalie Choate

Special Sessions IV-C - Getting Your Hands Dirty with Real Estate Investors - Farhad Aghdami  (Outline)
Special Sessions IV-C - Getting Your Hands Dirty with Real Estate Investors - Farhad Aghdami (Powerpoint Slides)

Special Session IV-D - How Much and When? Amy K. Kanyuk

Special Session IV-F - Why Your Partnership and LLC Agreements Need a Tune-Up in 2018: The New Partnership Audit Rules - Richard B. Robinson

Friday Morning - Roth Immersion Heckerling 2018 TCJA Update - Natalie Choate

Wrap-Up - Blattmachr &  Shenkman

Wrap-Up - Blattmachr & Shenkman - PowerPoint