Marike Paulsson

Director, International Arbitration Institute & Lecturer in Law

LL.M. 2011, University of Miami School of Law
Civil Law 2003, Leiden University
2002, Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris

Phone: 305-284-3419

Marike Paulsson is the Director of the University of Miami School of Law’s International Arbitration Institute and Lecturer in Law. She is also consultant with Shook, Hardy & Bacon LLP. She is the vice president for North America of the Global Legal Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution Centre of the University of Sao Paolo and has recently been appointed Vice-President for North America of the Mauritius Arbitration & Mediation Centre.

Professor Paulsson has fifteen years of practice and academic experience in public international law, international arbitration and cross-border litigation. She has acted as counsel, expert witness and arbitral secretary in numerous international arbitration matters. She has further acted as counsel in international litigation matters in The Netherlands and Belgium pertaining to challenge proceedings, enforcement proceedings, corporate litigation, shareholders disputes, cross-border insolvency and proceedings before the European Court of Justice. Her representations include diverse legal issues such as investment, joint ventures, post M&A disputes, immunity of jurisdiction and execution and numerous sectors such as banking, construction, energy and electricity, finance, tobacco, insurance, arms and munitions, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, telecommunication and transportation. She has worked with Albert Jan van Berg, recognized as one of the world’s leading arbitrators and assisted him in his arbitrator and counsel work.

She teaches in the U.S., the Middle East, India, Latin America and Europe and publishes extensively in the field of international arbitration and public international law. She is a leading expert on the 1958 U.N. Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards (The New York Convention). She writes and teaches on the topic and has assisted in the drafting of numerous expert opinions on the Convention and acts as an expert witness herself. She has co-authored and edited the ICCA Guide on the New York Convention (International Council for Commercial Arbitration) and founded the ICCA NYC Roadshow for the purposes of which she familiarizes judges around the world with the application of the Convention in the national space. She is the author of  "The 1958 New York Convention in Action," with a Foreword of Judge Stephen Schwebel. She is writing her Ph.D. on the enforcement of annulled awards at Leiden University and she is co-authoring the upcoming ICCA Guide on the NYC in the Middle-East and the Handbook on Arbitration in India. She is interviewed often by Law360 and GAR on matters relating to the New York Convention.

A Dutch national, Paulsson speaks five languages and has degrees from Leiden University, University of Miami and Sciences-po Paris, France, is a member (and past member) of the Dutch, Bahraini and Belgian Bar and is a Foreign Legal Consultant in the US.

Phone: 305-284-3419
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