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Professor Madeleine M. Plasencia earned tenure in 2003, at the University of Tulsa College of Law. She graduated cum laude, with highest honors in French Literature from Cornell University, and earned her Juris Doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania School of Law with honors. While in law school, she was the managing editor of the Comparative Labor Law Journal.

After graduating, she clerked for the Honorable James McGirr Kelly of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, where her caseload included a multiparty nationwide class action lawsuit dealing with asbestos in public school buildings. After her clerkship, she practiced civil litigation in New York for five years before entering the legal academy.

At the University of Tulsa, she was the Director of the Study-Abroad Program in Buenos Aires, Argentina and taught Corporations, Class Actions and Complex Litigation, Communications Law, and Internet Law. Professor Plasencia first taught torts in 1997, while visiting at Syracuse and her research interests in the field include two major works in progress dealing with the intersections of tort and contract law and tort and securities law, focusing on the common law concept of deceit as it informs the evolution of legal principles across these different substantive fields.

Professor Plasencia's published works include Privacy and the Constitution (available for purchase at as well as numerous law review articles. Professor Plasencia has been a friend of the University of Miami School of Law for many years, participating in and co-organizing conferences at Miami Law including the 2007 Law Review Symposium entitled Article II: The Uses And Abuses Of Executive Power as well as the 2005 Conference entitled Surviving The Miami Model: Civil Liberties, Independent Media And The Role Of Universities In Preserving Freedom Of Expression. She is the Co-Founder and Co-Director of LISALEINE PRODUCTIONS, a multimedia production company dedicated to the production, distribution and exhibition of media projects that advance human rights. She is presently co-authoring a book entitledHamilton's Stranger: Torture and the American Experiment in Enlightened Self-Government.

Professor Plasencia currently holds and regularly enjoys exercising the privileges of an IFR-rated Commercial Pilot License.



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Disabling Fascism: A Struggle for the Last Laugh in Trump's America, 23 Harv. Latinx L. Rev. 287 (2020).

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 Presentations & Awards

2021 Voting Rights, Diversity on the Federal Bench, and Criminal Justice Reform Resolutions and Lobbying Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA), Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT), Rep. Jim Hines (D-CT), and Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC) ( , 2021)

So That Playing to Win is Not Playing to Die: Combatting Institutionalized Racism in the Identification and Accommodation of Youth Athletes with Sickle-Cell Trait ( , 2021)

International Dis/ability Law and SCOTUS COVID Jurisprudence ( , 2021)

Lying, Mask-less Miamians and Dis/ability during a pandemic ( , 2020)

Professional Football as a Path to Upward Mobility or to Permanent Disability: A Time for NFL Reckoning with ERISA ( , 2020)

Disabling Fascism: A Struggle for the Last Laugh in Trump’s America ( , 2019)

Sickle Cell Trait and Special Risks for Caribbean Athletes ( , 2018)

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