John M. Newman

Professor of Law

J.D. 2011, University of Iowa College of Law
B.A. 2007, Iowa State University of Science & Technology

John Newman
Phone: (305) 284-4264
Office: G284

Professor Newman’s primary scholarly focus is on the economics and regulation of digital markets, with an emphasis on antitrust and competition law.  Prior to joining academia, he practiced with the U.S. Department of Justice Antitrust Division as an Honors Program trial attorney.  Professor Newman currently serves on the advisory boards for the American Antitrust Institute and the Institute for Consumer Antitrust Studies, and he is a fellow with the Thurman Arnold Project at Yale.  He also continues to advise private-sector clients on contemporary antitrust issues.

Professor Newman’s scholarly articles have appeared in the University of Pennsylvania Law Review, Washington University Law Review, Vanderbilt Law Review, George Washington Law Review, and other leading journals.  His commentary on antitrust enforcement has been featured by a variety of popular media outlets, including CNBC, the New York TimesThe Atlantic, the Wall Street Journal, the Sunday Times of London, NPR, USA TodayBusiness Insider, Bloomberg, Politico, and more.  Professor Newman has been invited to speak before the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, U.S. Senate policy staff, and at leading academic institutions within the United States and abroad.

During his academic career, Professor Newman has received a number of honors and awards, including the Academic Society for Competition Law Best Junior Paper Award, the SEALS Call-for-Papers Award, the Farris Bobango Faculty Scholarship Award, and Professor of the Year.

While earning his J.D. with highest honors from the University of Iowa College of Law, Professor Newman served as research assistant to Herbert Hovenkamp, was managing editor of the Iowa Law Review, and published student notes in journals at the University of Iowa and the University of Virginia.


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 Media Appearances

Newspaper: Quoted in Emily Birnbaum, New Lawsuit Poses Major Threat to T-Mobile, Sprint Merger, THE HILL, June 12 2019

TV: Interview, There’s Evidence Some Big Tech Companies Committed Violations, CNBC, June 11 2019

Magazine: Op-ed, What Democratic Contenders Are Missing in the Race to Revive Antitrust, THE ATLANTIC, April 01 2019

Magazine: Discussant, Germany’s Competition Agency Cracks Down on Facebook: But Is Antitrust the Right Tool for the Job?, FORBES, March 18 2019

Magazine: Quoted in Joe Williams, DC Judge Flexes Antitrust Authority in Another Sting to Justice Department, WASH. EXAMINER, December 14 2018

Newspaper: Quoted in Cecilia Kang & Sydney Ember, Sinclair Deal with Tribune Hits Complications in Washington, N.Y. TIMES, February 27 2018

Newspaper: Quoted in William McConnell, Gorsuch Hearing Opens with Grassley Treatise, THE STREET, March 20 2017

TV: Interview, Closing Bell, Does Facebook Have a Transparency Issue?, CNBC, September 23 2016

Internet: Op-ed, US Antitrust Regulators May Be Giving Free Apps a Free Pass, BUSINESS INSIDER, August 30 2016

 Presentations & Awards

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John Newman
Phone: (305) 284-4264
Office: G284
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