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Ricardo Bascuas

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Ricardo Bascuas

Ricardo Bascuas
Professor of Law
J.D. 1996, Yale Law School

Telephone: 305-284-2672   |   Office: G273
Publications   |   SSRN

The Fourth Amendment in the Information Age, 3 Virginia Journal of Criminal Law (2013).

Investigative Criminal Procedure, Interactive Casebook Series, Thomson West (2010) (with Sam Kamin)

"The American Inquisition: Sentencing After the Federal Guidelines," 45 Wake Forest L. Rev. 1 (2010)

"Of Defense Lawyer and Pornographers: Pretrial Asset Seizures and the Fourth Amendment," 62 U. Miami L. Rev. 1159 (2008)

"Property and Probable Cause: The Fourth Amendment's Principled Protection of Privacy," 60 Rutgers L. Rev. 575 (2008)

"Fourth Amendment Lessons from the Highway and the Subway: A Principled Approach to Suspicionless Searches," 38 Rutgers L.J. 719 (2007)

"The Unconstitutionality of 'Hold Until Cleared': Reexamining Material Witness Detentions in the Wake of the September 11th Dragnet," 58 Vand. L. Rev. 677 (2005)

"Cheaters, Not Criminals: Antitrust Invalidation of Statutes Outlawing Sports Agent Recruitment of Student Athletes," 105 Yale L. J. 1603 (1996) (Note)


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