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Understand the Global Intersection of Law and Business

Our one-of-a-kind curriculum focuses on the world’s expanding and converging practice of business law. No matter your interest in business, Miami Law offers courses and experiences to get you prepared.

Whether it is working in accounting firms, banking/financial institutions, corporate compliance, media/broadcast companies, non-profits, private law firms, or regulatory or government agencies, we will provide you with a thorough understanding of the intersection of law and business.

At the crossroads of the Americas and as 31st among global cities in terms of business activity, human capital, information exchange, cultural experience, and political engagement, the greater south Florida area offers you rich and wide-ranging opportunities to gain hands-on experience for a business law practice with a global perspective.

Miguel Zaldivar"We are in a unique position with the depth of our practices worldwide to be the adviser of choice for clients who need their lawyers to be tuned into the financial, commercial, regulatory, and political dynamics of their industries and markets.
Miguel A. Zaldivar, Jr., J.D. '95 
Global CEO of Hogan Lovells 
London, England 

Some Facts about Miami and Miami Law:

  • "A" ranking in Business Law Pre-Law Magazine (fall 2020, fall 2019, and fall 2018)
  • 3rd richest city in the U.S. and the 8th richest in the world in terms of purchasing power, according to a 2018 UBS study of 77 world cities
  • We have the 4th-largest economy in the U.S. and the 16th largest in the world.
  • #1 city for small business growth according to 2018 The Kauffman Foundation Index of Startup Activity.
  • Miami, as the gateway to the Americas, serves as the headquarters of Latin American operations for more than 1400 multinational corporations.  
  • As the 2nd largest Financial Capital in the U.S, South Florida has one of the largest concentrations of international banks in the U.S. and has become a leading center of international tax planning, arbitration, and asset management.

two miami law startup practicum studentsClinics / Practicums

(Pictured Students Osaro Qualis and Wifredo Fernandez in "SEC Cites Miami Law Startup Practicum Student Comments in Proposed Rules")

Miami Law offers clinical opportunities for students to take the role of lawyers under direct supervision of attorneys and clinical faculty to get hands on experience working with clients on cases.

Sample Courses*

Administrative Law 
Advanced Topics in Bankruptcy
Antitrust Law
Banking Law
Bankruptcy Law
Blockchain Technology and Business Strategies
Business Associations 
Business Entities
Business Planning Seminar
Closely Held Business Entities  
Commercial Law: Payment Systems & Negotiable Instruments 
Commercial Law: Secured Transactions  
Commercial Law: UCC
Comparative Transfer Pricing: U.S., OECD, Latin America
Compliance and Risk Management
Copyright Law
Corporate Compliance & Risk Management
Corporate Finance
Corporate Tax
Estate Planning
EU Banking and Securities Laws
European Corporate and Company Law
EU Competition and Antitrust Law
EU Climate Protection and Emission Trading Rights
EU Financial Regulation
Federal Income Tax

Non-profit Corporation Law
Income Tax Treaties
Insurance Law
International Economic Law
Intellectual Property Drafting
International Business Crimes
International Business Transactions
International Tax Law
International Transactions: Europe
Internet and Intellectual Property  
LawWithoutWalls X Compliance
Mergers & Acquisitions
Mindfulness & Motivating Corporate Compliance
Partnership Tax
Privacy Seminar
Regulatory Compliance, Corporate Governance, and Sustainability
Reorganization and Bankruptcy
SEC Fraud Investigations: Ponzi Schemes, Stock Manipulations, and Insider Trading
Securities Regulation and Litigation
Spanish for Lawyers I & II
Structuring Latin American Investments
Structuring Non-Latin American Investments by Latin American Entities
Tax Planning Skills
Taxation of Business Entities
Taxation of U.S. Activities of Foreign Taxpayers: International Inbound
Taxation of Foreign Activities of U.S. Taxpayers: International Outbound
Trademark Law




      Sampling of Past Internships / Externships

      Externships allows students to obtain academic credit while working in real world legal settings and offer experience with all kinds of entities including corporations and government agencies. The program is designed to enhance the educational experience of students by giving them an opportunity to do advanced legal work that generally is not available through the law school's curriculum. Sample past placements:

      British Broadcasting
      Carnival Cruise Lines
      City of Coral Gables
      County Attorney's Office
      Delaware Court of Chancery (Wilmington, DE)
      MasTec Industries
      Miami Dolphins
      Miami Marlins
      Ryder Industries
      Securities and Exchange Commissions
      Ulta Music Festival
      U.S. Bankruptcy Courts

      Extracurricular Opportunities

      Student Journals
      Business Law Review , University of Miami Law ReviewInternational & Comparative Law Review 
      Student Organizations
      Business Law Society, Entertainment and Sports Law SocietyIntellectual Property Law Society, Maritime Law Society, and the Real Estate, Probate, and Trust Law Society.

      Joint Degrees / Concentrations

      Video: “In looking to make the next step career-wise. Should I take the time and go back to law school or should I peruse my MBA? And one day I said, ‘Well, why not do both’? ...I feel like both of those go hand in hand, you can’t have the business without the law and the law kind of sets the tone for what you can do in the business in terms of policies etc., so I feel like they really work together and that the law tells you what you can do in business.” 
      Shari Munroe, J.D./M.B.A. ‘16 
      Associate Attorney, Liebler Gonzalez & Portuondo 
      Fort Lauderdale, FL 

      International Opportunities

      Study Abroad - International exchange experiences focusing on business include our Zurich Seminar, our exchange with ESADE in Spain - one of the best business schools in Europe - our exchange at University of Versailles in France with a focus on international business arbitration, our Rio Exchange Program with Fundaco Getulio Vargas School of Law, and the exchange with Comillas Pontifical University, Spain or EBS Law School in Wiesbaden, Germany. 

      International Moot Court Program - In front of a mock International Tribunal, students act as counselors and advocate the different sides of a case based on a problem written by an organization or school. The students analyze the problem, identify the legal issues, research the law, write the briefs and orally present it to the moot court. In essence, the students learn how to litigate a case in front of an international tribunal doing what an attorney does in real life.

      LawWithoutWalls Program - This program brings together students, faculty, practitioners, and entrepreneurs from around the country and the world to explore innovation in legal education and practice. LawWithoutWalls enables students to collaborate across institutions and countries, gain business, entrepreneurial, investigative research, and team building skills and, more than that, invaluable experience and insight into the world of law and business.

      Business Litigation Skills

      Students can develop business litigation skills through participation in moot court programs that at times travel to competitions with a focus on business. These include:

      International Moot Court Competitions with a Focus on Business
      Foreign Direct Investment Arbitration Moot Competition
      Frankfurt Investment Arbitration Moot Court Competition - Frankfurt, Germany
      La Competición Internacional de Arbitraje y Derecho Mercantil - Madrid, Spain
      La Competencia UBA-Rosario International Commercial Arbitration - Buenos Aires, Argentina
      The International and European Tax Moot Court Competition - Leuven, Belgium

      Charles C. Papy Moot Court Board
      Duberstein National Bankruptcy Moot Court Competition - New York, NY

      Faculty Experts

      Professor Caroline Bradley is an expert in United States securities regulation, international finance, and business associations.

      Andrew Dawson“If a multinational [company] files for bankruptcy, what is the appropriate venue? What happens if you also have arbitration agreements? These are issues that need to be considered in the business world.” 
      Andrew B. Dawson 
      Professor of Law and Vice Dean for Academic Affairs 

      Professor Andrew Dawson is an expert in contracts, bankruptcy and commercial law.

      Professor Michele DeStefano teaches a course on law, technology, and innovation, and her scholarship focuses on the growing intersections between law and business and legal entrepreneurship.

      Scott Eichorn is the Associate Director and Practitioner-in-Residence for Miami Law's Investor Rights Clinic.

      Professor Stephen Halpert teaches in the areas of business associations, business transactions, securities regulation, bankruptcy, creditors' rights and remedies, and insurance.

      Professor Frances R. Hill teaches and writes in the areas of federal income tax.

      Professor Stanley Langbein teaches federal income taxation, international tax, banking law, and commercial law.

      Professor Lili Levi teaches Business Associations, Copyright Law, and Media Law.  She has previously taught International Copyright Law and Defamation and Privacy Law.

      Professor John M. Newman focuses on the economics and regulation of digital markets and platforms, with a particular emphasis on antitrust, contract, and intellectual-property issues.

      Professor Andres Sawicki researches and teaches in the area of intellectual property.

      Teresa Verges is the director of Miami Law's Investor Rights Clinic and teaches in the area of broker regulations.

      Professor William Widen teaches commercial law, contracts, and other business subjects.

      Centers / Institutes / Conferences 

      Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning
      Bankruptcy Skills Annual Workshop
      Ralph E. Boyer Institute on Condominium and Cluster Development Law

      *Lists courses that have been offered in this area, but this list is not exhaustive nor does it set out a path of study.