Global and International Program News

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Professor Bernard Oxman Awarded the 2021 Manley O. Hudson Medal by the American Society of International Law - This award is presented annually to "a distinguished person of American or other nationality for outstanding contributions to scholarship and achievement in international law." He also was appointed for third time to the nine-member Special Chamber of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS).

International Law Expert Professor Kathleen Claussen Selected Co-Editor in Chief of Journal of International Economic Law - Professor Claussen was appointed to the leading intellectual publication in the field of international economic law, from Oxford University Press. She was also appointed to the panel for the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) dispute settlement chapter and the USMCA labor chapter rapid response mechanism panel. She is also co-chair to American Society of International Law’s International Economic Law Interest Group and coordinator to ASIL's “Designing International Economic Law” .

Professor Irwin P. Stotzky has published his new book "Jean v. Nelson: A Civil Rights Revolution in Immigration," which takes the reader through the landmark using the litigation documents and the sequential storyline of the Haitian asylum seekers' plight, Stotzky discusses the landmark trial and complicated appellate process to the final United States Supreme Court decision.

Professor Susan Haack Extolled in Spain with International Prize for Legal Culture - Professor Susan Haack was awarded the Premio internacional de cultura juíidica by the Catedral de Cultura jurídica at the for her work in evidence law and legal philosophy.

Professor Alejandro Portes Received Spain’s Highest Honor - Princess of Asturias Award - Law scholar, demographer, and sociologist, Portes was awarded the 2019 Princess of Asturias Award in the Social Sciences for his significant contributions to the study of international migration. He also spoke on "The Rise of National Populism: Causes and Possible Solutions" as part of Miami Law’s 2021 Legal Theory Workshop series.

Professor A. Michael Froomkin Elected to Editorial Board of Journal of Technology and Regulation at Tilburg University in the Netherlands - Froomkin joined the board of this international journal of law, technology and society, with an interdisciplinary identity. TechReg provides an online platform for disseminating original research on the legal and regulatory challenges posed by existing and emerging technologies (and their applications) including, but by no means limited to, the Internet and digital technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning, robotics, neurotechnology, nanotechnology, biotechnology, energy and climate change technology, and health and food technology.

Miami Law Explainer Podcast: "Another U.S. Climate Fail" - After returning from the U.N. Climate Change conference in Madrid, international environmental law and policy expert Jessica Owley unrolled the talks, widely denounced as producing the worst outcomes in 25 years of climate negotiations. Recorded on January 21, 2020.