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What is LWOW?

LawWithoutWalls (LWOW) is a part-virtual experiential learning initiative that leverages intergenerational, cross-cultural, multi-disciplinary exchange to change the mindsets, skillsets, and behaviors of practicing and aspiring legal professionals.

Given the needs of the new global, complex multi-disciplinary marketplace, successful legal professionals must be creative problem solvers, leaders with a high risk tolerance and business mindset that can use technology, collaboration, leadership, and communication skills to overcome the walls of law. Therefore, LWOW focuses on:

1. Upskilling and reskilling: focusing on developing skills that are essential to being a successful legal service provider today such as teaming, leadership, mentoring, communication, project management, innovation, cultural competency, business planning, problem finding/solving, presentation, technology, networking, and change agency. LWOW enhances the ability to engage in the way clients desire.

2. Transforming Culture and Relationships: LWOW is team based. In all LWOW offerings, teams of law and business professionals and students from over 20 countries around the world work together virtually and/or in person to create viable solutions to real problems related to the business of law and/or social justice. In the process, in addition to honing the DNA of an innovator and learning new methods of problem solving and innovation, participants transform relationships with their colleagues and their clients and learn new approaches to create community and culture change

3. Creating Innovative Solutions to Real Business-of-Law and/or Social Justice Problems: In all of core LWOW offerings (LWOW Original, LWOW X, LWOW Xed, and LWOW Sprint) teams apply the 3-4-5 Method of Innovation (developed by Professor Michele DeStefano) to co-create a Project of Worth: a business case, practicable solution, and prototype to a real problem sponsored by a corporate legal department, law company, nonprofit organization, or law firm. They learn new design thinking principal and new ways to innovate and be agents of change. Most importantly, LWOW infuses the hearts and minds of those who participate with a passion and the tools for collaboration and transformation.


LWOW 2020 Offerings

For LWOW’s 10th anniversary, we created three new offerings focused on building intergenerational, multi-disciplinary exchange and community as well as upskilling students and law/business professionals to help them better navigate the ever-changing legal landscape. The goals of these offerings build on LWOW’s historic 3-part mission:

  1. Help participants hone 21st century professional skills (e.g., innovation, cultural competency, creative problem finding and solving, leadership, business planning, communication, collaboration, and virtual/inter-generational teaming)
  2. Transform relationships between legal professionals and clients
  3. Create innovations that solve real business challenges faced by legal departments and law firms/companies.

The LWOW Sprint

Two day in-person experiential learning “weekender” focused on innovation, collaboration, and transformation.

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Attendees learn design thinking principles and the 3-4-5 Method of Innovation in a multi-disciplinary and cross-generational team format. The Sprint is hands-on upskilling for practicing and aspiring legal and business professionals who seek to enhance their cross-cultural, creative teaming, problem solving, and leadership skills while hacking (attempting to solve) a real business-of-law or social justice challenge on a sponsored team alongside kindred spirits. All teams will create a solution to the problem assigned by the Team Sponsor and present it at the end of the two days to a panel of judges. 17-18 April 2020 @MiamiLaw. For U.S. Students, this course is worth 4 credits (1 credit from the 2-day Sprint and 1 credit from LWOW Xed described below). For more detail, click here.


All-virtual course about the innovation in law consisting of two parts (Wednesdays 22 Jan–8 April 2020)

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  • Live Webinars: live weekly 90-minute webinars featuring academics and thought leaders from around the world to explore the application of innovation and tech in the law with a global perspective. Participants will learn why and how clients’ expectations are changing, examine risks and opportunities, and consider ways to exceed expectations of critical stakeholders. This part of the course is open to the entire LWOW community including new and returning sponsors, alumni, team leaders, mentors, academics, and law/business school students from participating schools. Armed with a deeper understanding of the legal marketplace around the world and how innovation and technology is impacting the careers and work of legal professionals, all participants will be better able to contribute to their future jobs.
  • Virtual teaming among the student participants to create a Projects of Worth i.e., each student team creates an innovative solution to a real challenge related to social justice/entrepreneurship that is assigned to the team. This part of the course is for accepted students, alumni who are selected to serve as LWOW Project managers, and for volunteer mentors. It is designed to enable students to better collaborate and make more meaningful contributions during the Sprint. The webinar component contextualizes innovation in law by covering the broad topics that will frame the narrower challenges assigned to teams in the LWOW Sprint. The teaming/ideation component enables students to practice the skills they will employ in the Sprint beforehand. However, the team challenge and make-up will be different at the Sprint. This course can be taken alone and for U.S. students it is 3 credits. However, for those students who have been accepted in LWOW Sprint 2020, this course is required. Wednesdays 22 Jan–8 April 2020. For U.S. Students, this course is 3 credits. For more detail, click here.
  • For a list of the 25+ law and business schools that participate from around the world, click here.


Why Participate?

  • Gain and/ or create deeper understanding of the global legal marketplace and how innovation is impacting the work, expectations, and careers, of legal professionals.
  • Learn knowledge and skills that can be leveraged to create value and meaningful change at work.

  • Learn the 3-4-5 Method of Innovation and design thinking principals.

  • Gain invaluable preparation for future participation in the LWOW Sprint

  • Exchange with 2000+ our community of multi-disciplinary inter-generational change agents

  • For students, LWOW Xed participation is equivalent to a 3 credit course in the U.S.; for nonstudents, we will seek (but cannot promise) to provide Continuing Legal Education and/or ProBono credits.


When and Where

LWOW Xed meets in our LWOW Live Webinar Virtual Room on Wednesdays from 21:50 UTC-24:30 UTC (4:50pm-7:30pm ET) beginning 22 January and ending 8 April. 

  • 21:50 UTC (4:50pm ET): Participants enter the community waiting room.
  • 22:00-23:30 UTC (5pm-6:30pm ET) Live webinars
  • 23:30-24:30 UTC (6:30pm-7:30pm ET) teaming sessions with LWOW Project Manager

LWOW Sprint takes place on 17-18 April at the University of Miami. Students must apply for and be accepted into both LWOW Xed and LWOW Sprint in order to participate in Sprint.

Student Application Process

Step One: Get to Know LWOW

Before applying to LWOW, read all the information available about it on our website. Decide which of our programs interest you.

Step Two: Create Your Personal Pitch

Create a Personal Pitch. The Personal Pitch is a one- to two-minute video (created via phone, tablet, computer, camera, or animated tools like Powtoon) telling us why you're an ideal candidate for LWOW—in short, what can you do for LWOW, and what can LWOW do for you? Each Personal Pitch should include examples of problem solving, leadership, and creativity. Applications to LWOW are competitive, so what makes you stand out?

Note: The Personal Pitch may be a mix of video clips, still photos, and animated media; however, it must be one cohesive video file. Click here for a YouTube playlist of past Personal Pitches.

Step Three: Apply

  1. Complete the online application. It asks for information typically available on a CV, a link to your Personal Pitch, contact information, and a short response (500 words or less) to a substantive question of your choice.
  2. Ask an academic or professional supervisor to complete the applicant recommendation on your behalf. The person completing this form should have experience working with you. (Note that students from University College London and Penn Law/Wharton are exempt from the recommendation.)

Your application to LWOW will not be considered unless both the applicant recommendation and the online application are received and complete. MiamiLaw Students must apply by 29 November 2019. Click here to see a Student Application Process Flow Chart

Successful applicants will be interviewed either by their schools or virtually by the LWOW Team prior to their formal acceptance. All decisions will be made before 20 December 2019.



Please visit the LawWithoutWalls website or contact Lulia Hito at