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LawWithoutWalls is a collaborative academic model led by Professor Michele DeStefano that brings together students, faculty, practitioners, and entrepreneurs from around the country and the world to explore innovation in legal education and practice.

LawWithoutWalls is motivated by a desire to help those engaged in the education and practice of law to realize the impact the changing world is having upon shared legal enterprise and to embrace that change to create a resonant, efficient, and sustainable future. It is an exciting and unique opportunity for students to collaborate across institutions and countries, gain business, entrepreneurial, investigative research, and team building skills and, more than that, invaluable experience and insight into the world of law and business.

Students from law and business schools around the world are paired up to conduct investigative research on an assigned topic to identify a problem in legal education or practice and design a team-created innovative solution in a Project of Worth. Utilizing a blend of virtual and in-person techniques, LawWithoutWalls offers various initiatives:

Above all else, LawWithoutWalls engages those with a stake in Law's future and provides them with a powerful vehicle for innovation and change.​

For More Information

Visit the LawWithoutWalls website if you are interested in participating in some way, there are many roles to play: mentors, subject experts, thought leaders, alumni advisors, ConPosium judges, students, and startup consultants.