The Order of Barristers

The Order of Barristers is a national honorary organization that provides national recognition for graduating seniors who have excelled in advocacy and service at their respective schools.


The Order of Barristers originated in 1965 at The University of Texas at Austin School of Law. The purpose was to honor graduating seniors who had demonstrated outstanding ability in preparing and presenting moot appellate arguments. These students were selected by the Faculty Committee on Legal Research and Writing and the Director of the Moot Court Program. 

The Order continued as a local honorary society until 1968, when the administrators of The Order initiated plans for expansion on a national basis. The law schools in the thirteen regions represented at the National Moot Court Competition were contacted, and a favorable response to expansion was received. The Order was officially established as a national organization in 1970. A Constitution was adopted, and The University of Texas at Austin School of Law was elected Permanent Secretary on December 16, 1970, at the initial meeting of the Board of Governors during the final round of the National Moot Court Competition in New York City. 

During the spring of 1971, several schools submitted applications for membership, and the current roll boasts over 100 law school chapters nationwide. Schools with chapters in the Order include those nationally recognized for outstanding moot court programs and successful participation in regional, national, and international interscholastic moot court competitions. 


All students graduating in 1) December of the present school year; or 2) May of the present school year are eligible to apply. The applicant must be in good academic, disciplinary, and financial standing with the University of Miami School of Law. 

Selection Criteria 

The Order of Barristers recognizes outstanding student achievements in six areas. 

  1. Membership in interscholastic teams; 
  2. Participation in tryouts for interscholastic teams; 
  3. Participation and performance in intramural competitions; 
  4. Participation and performance in the administration of the School's moot court and mock trial programs; 
  5. Participation and performance in a teaching program for brief writing and/or oral advocacy skills to other law students; 
  6. Performance record in the School's brief writing and/or oral advocacy courses. 

Limitation & Requirements 

The Constitution of the National Order of Barristers limits the number of potential recipients to ​10-12. The number of students per year that a school may select for The Order is related to the number of students who participate in the current year in a faculty-supervised and sanctioned advocacy program. The program must include mandatory or voluntary class work involving instruction and practice in both appellate brief writing and appellate oral advocacy, trial brief writing, trial oral advocacy, or both written and oral advocacy in the alternative dispute resolution context. It may also include intramural competitions, interscholastic team tryouts, and participation. 

Therefore, not all applicants who qualify and have participated in the advocacy program can be selected. To be considered, all applications must be received by the provided deadline. No late applications will be considered for any reason.  

How to Apply? 

The Order of Barristers Application form is available each spring. 

The Litigation Skills Office will announce the application period by sending information to all students by email and including it in other announcement methods. In addition, the Director of Moot Court Programs will notify current advocacy students of the application process. 

Applications must be submitted via electronic mail to or by hard copy to the Litigation Skills Office, Room A310.   

The selection committee will review the applications and announce the new members in early May. New members will be recognized and may list membership on their resumes. 

Past Order of Barristers Honorees

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    Erica Adams 

    Bailey Beauchamp 

    Milind Khurana 

    Jacob Niergarth 

    Jessica Nunez Munoz 

    Lauren O’Neil 

    Jessica Palma, 

    Daria Pietrapaolo 

    Enric Ripoll-Gonzalez 

    David Scollan 

    Matthew Shalna 

    Mary Victoria Vollmar 



    David Berris 

    Andrew Graykowski 

    Taylor Hill 

    Leandra Lopez 

    Lauren Palen 

    Logan Sandler 

    Anoosheh Shaikh 

    Tori Simkovic 

    Ivan Smerznak 

    Kevin Stone 



    Ibrahim Amir 

    Tony Everett Bell 

    Amber Aurora Couzo 

    Jessica Duque 

    Beatriz Alexandra Garcia 

    Mackenzie Ann Garrity 

    Gideon A. Levy 

    Christian Perotti Maroni 

    Evan Matthew Robinson 

    Annie D. Rosenthal 



    Angel Ariel Bermudez 

    Vicente Ignacio Cortesi 

    Jeanelle Gomez 

    Natalia Jaramillo 

    Joshua Alexander Levey 

    Elisabeth Litt Rabin 

    Clayton James Schmitt 

    Deesha Ashish Smart 

    Keigan Vannoy 

    Alec Mitchell Waid 



    Dimitrije Canic 

    Jalyn Antoinette Delancy 

    Emmett A. Egger 

    Sydney Michelle Feldman 

    Daniel P. Guernsey 

    Steven Andrew Hollis 

    Jacob Harris Koffsky 

    Nicole McLemore 

    Ramya Ramachanderan 

    Michael G. Zilber 



    Catherine Joyce Baumgartner 

    Ian Michael Campa 

    Frank Anthony Florio 

    Eli Daniel Gordon 

    Daniel Jason Halperin 

    Patrick Thomas Kalbac 

    Luis Reyes 

    Javier A. Roldán-Cora 

    Adam J. Stolz 

    Courtney E. Willoughby 



    Suzanne Marie Aldahan 

    Michael Daniel Braunstein 

    Megan Conkey 

    Devon Renee Frampton 

    Latriece D. Jones 

    Matthew A. Keilson 

    Brooke Olivia Dianne Patterson 

    Jeffrey Mark Pierce 

    Annelise Sander 

    Andrew Todd Sarangoulis 



    Janelly Crespo 

    James Samuel Czodli 

    Jeremy Hall D’Amico 

    Brian S. Goldenberg 

    Michael Robert Lorigas 

    Jordan Elise Martellaro 

    Priscilla N. Perez 

    Andrew R. Schindler 

    Jhanile Trudy Smith 

    Joshua Ross Williams 



    Leah F. Aaronson 

    Karla Albite 

    Lauren Alexandra Astigarraga 

    David T. Coulter 

    Jennifer Felipe 

    Caitlin Marie Griffin 

    Brian Andrew Oliver 

    Erin Michelle Sales 

    Mathri Thannikkotu 

    Anna Loran Vino 



    Blaze R. Douglas 

    Corey P. Gray 

    Freddi Mack 

    Kyle W. Ohlenschlaeger 

    Jordan S. Redavid 

    Aliston T. Rioux 

    Brendan E. Ryan 

    James M. Sadler 

    Frank Sardinha 

    Danielle N. Singer 



    Jose Luis Becerra 

    Daniel Patrick Hanlon 

    Jeremy Leonard Kahn 

    Olivia Kelman 

    Gabriella Morello 

    Estefania Nasielski 

    Liana Rose Nealon 

    Carlos E. Nunez 

    Christopher Scott Prater 

    Annabelle Lea Torgman 



    Manny Arce 

    Nykeah Lashawn Cohen 

    Kaylee Ann Cox 

    Kathryn Denise DeMarco 

    Erica Shawnta Gooden 

    Michael Alexander Kozik 

    Eric Steven Olson 

    Daija Mae Page 

    Kayla Leland Pragid 

    Travis Robert Ritter 



    Mary Catherine Ansbro 

    Erin Eslin Bohannon 

    Christopher C. Caballo 

    Cara Marie Conbery 

    Elena Smukler Doyle 

    Eric John Eves 

    Nicole Chere Geiger Geary 

    Jake Matthew Greenberg 

    David DeSales Switzler 

    Lauren Nicole Tuckey 



    Christopher Pizzo 

    Stephanie Kaplan 

    Rachel Dubin 

    Samantha Epstein 

    Vincent Alexander 

    Jonathan Squires 

    Jane Muir 

    James Walter 

    Claire Zovko 

    Joanna Bettencourt 


    Joycelyn Shantel Brown

    Miriann Guazzini

    Jennifer Laura Hochstadt

    Richard M. Jones

    Sarah Beth King

    Christopher Lomax

    Kristy R. Militello

    Roselyn Yvonne Ramos

    Andrew Broin Thomson

    Jonathan R. Weiss



    David Lanier Luck 

    Thomas Eugene MacWright 

    Dean R. Mallett 

    Kevin E. Probst 

    David Robert Ruffner 

    Mary Ann Ruiz 

    Matthew Jeffrey Simmons 

    Shelly-Ann Andrea Springer 

    Matt B. Weaver 

    Joseph H. Wolenski 



    Gavrila Alexa Brotz 

    Jared Brown 

    Elizabeth Lee Crabtree 

    Kimberly Ann Longford 

    Andrew Paul Marcus 

    Jennifer Ann McLoone 

    Hunter Glen Norton 

    David Andrew Olson 

    Ryan William Owen 

    Jonathan P. Salzberg 



    Olarewaju M. Ayeni 

    Amanda Marie Downs 

    Lynda Lynette Ford 

    William M. Gilmore 

    Melissa Anne Hayes 

    Christine Hernandez 

    Timothy Michael Moore 

    Alexandra Paula Parra 

    Nicole Isabel Sieb 

    Michael A. Simmrin 



    Loryn Bergman 

    Corey Collins 

    Melissa Damian 

    Kenneth Dobkin 

    Guy C. Icangelo, Jr. 

    Patricia A. Leonard 

    Siobhan Morrissey 

    Laura B. Schneider 

    Henry Sims 

    Mitchell B. Weiss 

    Professor Richard Williamson (Honorary) 



    Daniel Alter 

    Jason Southerland Bell 

    Mark David Bohm 

    James D. Greer 

    Marc Alan Gregg 

    Sherry A. Lambson 

    Christine A. Noworyta 

    Shari Jill Ronkin 

    Jordana Lee Stefansky 

    Sarah Steinbaum 



    William Charles Abruzzo 

    Stuart Foster Cohen 

    Lee Katherine Goldstein 

    Gustavo Jesus Garcia-Montes Gomez 

    Maria Margaret Haley 

    Gordon Lea 

    Joan M. Levit 

    Angela Poulos 

    Rachel Helen Shonfield 

    Kenneth L. Valentini 



    Otis Wragg 

    Don Howard 

    Jennifer Ruiz 

    Yvonne Sanchez Ledo 

    John Reis 

    Alex Alvarez 

    Joseph Morgan 

    Steve Talpins 

    Scott Brook 

    Rochelle Brahm 



    Kimberley E. Arrigo 

    Raphael M. Bastian 

    Mindy S. Burton 

    Caterina Coloca 

    David R. Heffernan 

    Scott H. Marder 

    Joseph T. Metzger 

    Ivan P. Morales 

    Robin S. Rosenbaum 

    Blanca M. Torrents 



    Joseph E. Altschul 

    Susan E. Fleischner 

    Marvin J. Greenspan 

    Brian F. Labovick 

    Simone M. McKenzie 

    Ana M. Rivero 

    Scott C. Safian 

    Celeste A. Siblesz 

    Martin S. Simkovic 

    Anthony N. Upshaw 



    Victoria R. Brennan 

    Ruth P. Clements 

    Hyatt M. Fried 

    Robert Evan Gluck 

    David P. Herman 

    Seth A. Honowitz 

    John F. Jankowski 

    Eileen M. Kirsch 

    Cynthia D. Lally 

    Phillip N. Nicholas 



    Michael J. Atkins 

    Rebecca L. Coury 

    Patricia L. Fahlbusch 

    Karen E. Gilbert 

    Daniel E. Gonzalez 

    Trude I. Koby 

    David A. Kleinberg 

    Michele Adriane Maracini 

    Paul L. Orshan 

    Aurelio C. Quinones 



    Karen H. Bromberg 

    Kathleen J. Cooper 

    Michael E. Criden 

    Howard D. DuBosar 

    Suzanne M. Klar 

    Maury L. Leyva 

    Jorge L. Lopez 

    Humberto H. Ocariz 

    Guy A. Rasco 

    Joy C. Spillis 

    Judge Daniel S. Pearson (Honorary) 



    Andrew Jay Berman 

    Jay C. Cooper 

    Miguel Diaz 

    John E. Maiucci 

    Susan R. Nadler 

    Leon Oldak 

    Laura F. Patallo 

    Kathleen M. Salyer

    Vivian C. Toomey 

    Lillian Valdespino 



    Ramon L. Anderson 

    Peter E. Bronstein 

    Angela C. Flowers 

    Jody A. Goodman 

    Kathy A. Kaplan 

    Jeffrey E. Levey 

    Jay A. Martus 

    Adrienne F. Promoff 

    John J. Spiegel 

    Donna S. Waters 



    Lisa K. Bennett 

    John H. Bothwell 

    Susan M. Cardenas 

    Eric D. Isicoff 

    David W. Johnson 

    Jeffrey A. O’Keefe 

    Roselyn S. Sands 

    Linda I. Schwartzman 

    David C. Tassell 

    Benjamin S. Waxman 



    Robert G. Blythe 

    Dorian S. Denburg 

    Kevin M. Emas 

    Matthew L. Hodes 

    Laurel M. Isicoff 

    Kathy M. Klock 

    Denise V. Powers 

    Richard F. Sperring 

    1. Trent Steele

    Lori A. Weiner 



    William H. Albornoz 

    Ted E. Bandstra 

    Sandra S. Barker 

    Richard M. Bezold 

    O’Bannon M. Cook 

    Wayne Wyndham Geyer, Jr. 

    Cristina L. Mendoza 

    Raymond V. Miller 

    Jose I. Rojas 

    Wendelin A. White 



    Naomi Behar 

    James J. Breen 

    Neisa DeWitt 

    James R. Gailey 

    Thommie D. Hall 

    Ronald L. Kammer 

    Eugene M. Kennedy 

    Mel Lamelas 

    Douglas L. Roberts 

    Nancy F. Schleifer 



    Paul J. Bonavia 

    Amy N. Dean 

    Patricia A. Ireland 

    Lawrence A. Jones 

    Richard A. Popkin 

    Steven R. Reininger 

    Sharon L. Wolfe 

    1. Minnette Massey (Honorary)



    Alan J. Kluger 

    Bruce M. Levine 

    Geoffrey S. Mombach 

    Elliot H. Scherker 



    Jonathan D. Beloff 

    Charlton Lee Hunter 

    Norman Malinski 



    Albert G. Caruana 

    Paul J. Levine 

    Richard Fred Lewis 

    Daniel S. Schwartz 

    Robert F. Urich