Instituto Superior de Derecho y Economía (ISDE) & Miami Law Global Sports and Entertainment Law 1-Week Programs

With our post graduate LL.M. in Entertainment, Arts, and Sports Law, the University of Miami School of Law has expertise in entertainment and sports law.

To bring a global perspective we now offer in conjunction with the Madrid-based Instituto Superior de Derecho y Economía (ISDE), a leader in legal education, a course for law students and professionals who are interested in broadening their understanding of the global sports and entertainment industries. This program provides an understanding of the differences and similarities between the U.S. and the international entertainment and sports law landscapes.

Structure & Timing

The annual two-week program is divided into two, week-long segments with one week in Miami and one week in Madrid. Participants may enroll in either one or both weeks. Those who complete either one or both weeks will receive a course completion certification. 

Both week-long courses include 24 hours of classes, and are taught by renowned faculty from University of Miami School of Law and ISDE who are leaders in the fields of entertainment and sports law. Guest lectures, networking events with industry leaders and site visits to sporting/entertainment venues, museums and law firms in each locale complement the coursework.

Who is Eligible to Participate?

  • Foreign and domestic legal practitioners
  • Foreign and domestic enrolled law students
    • Students enrolled in Miami Law School and ISDE America should contact their respective schools (see contact information below) to discuss enrollment.
  • Non-lawyers with eligible industry expertise (before applying please contact Greg Levy ( for the week in Miami and the ISDE Admissions Department ( for the week in Madrid).

Course Content


Negotiation and Drafting for the Business of Entertainment (12 Hours) -This course is designed for those who are interested in transactional practice and wish to gain experience in advising clients, reading, drafting and negotiating contracts. It will focus on the entertainment and media industries and better prepare participants to meet the demands of parties engaged in commercial deals. Participants will study, from the point of view of the corporate lawyer, the process by which a music publishing company and a motion picture library are acquired. Additionally, participants will consider alternative entities that might be formed to undertake the purchase and analyze documents such as a Confidentiality Agreement, Letter of Intent, Due Diligence Checklist, Stock Purchase Agreement, and Post-Closing Escrow Agreement.

Entertainment Law in Latin America (12 Hours) - This course is oriented to attorneys willing to practice in the field of entertainment for either US or foreign TV networks and production companies doing business in Latin America. Forms of contracts and other legal documents will be brought to analysis, including the discussion of generally accepted clauses based on real cases taken from practice and case law. The course will aim to provide students with basic knowledge to understand and develop a practice in Entertainment law oriented to the Latin American market. The course will cover the legal steps of the TV business, from the acquisition of rights over a format to the final distribution of the series or program, with the analysis of: Format Licensing; Development and Production; Service Agreements for Directors, actors, talents, writers and composers; Unions and guilds; Right and Clearances; Distribution; Assignment of Rights to Music and scores; and revising contracts for acquisition of digital rights.


Sport Law (24 hours; various faculty) - This course is structured with experts covering specific topics that arise regularly in international sports law. The overall course will cover regulatory bodies and dispute resolution methods, the more “glamorous” aspects such as intermediaries and transfers, and taxation. The week is organized in in such a way that students learn about the governing bodies and dispute resolution methods first, before delving into the other topics. Scheduled topics TBA.

Course Credits/Certificate

Students who are in the U.S. and enroll through the University of Miami will receive one credit per 12-hour course offered (2 total credits) or 2 credits for the 24-hour course offered in Madrid.

Non-student attendees will be provided with a certificate of completion on the final day of the course.


- $2,000.00 for each course (covers course enrollment and three external site visits)
- $3,500.00 if you register for both weeks (Miami and Madrid)

Scholarships Available

Limited numbers of scholarships are available in the amount of $500 USD for both the Miami and Madrid program. To submit an application for scholarship, please email a personal statement of no more than 500 words to and with the subject line "ISDE-MIAMI Scholarship Application."

For Information

Questions about the program should be directed to:


Greg Levy, Deputy Director, Graduate Program in Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law


Alejandro Martín, Head of the Admissions DepartmentE-mail: