Leipzig-Miami Exchange Program

The Leipzig-Miami Exchange Program promotes the scholarly exchange of ideas between students and faculty from Miami Law and the University of Leipzig in Leipzig, Germany.

Students and faculty members from both law schools meet twice a year (January or February in Miami and May in Leipzig) to discuss ten topics relating to law or policy. Each Miami Law student is paired with a student from Leipzig to collaborate on a presentation incorporating both German and U.S. legal perspectives. Miami Law students also write one research paper. Although academics are an essential part of the exchange, the program also includes social and cultural events organized by the host faculty.

Although the U.S. and Germany share fundamental ideas of freedom, democracy, and civil and human rights, the two countries' legal systems and societies feature significant differences. The goals of the program are to:

  • Learn about each other's public and private international law systems
  • Discuss recent legal problems on both sides of the Atlantic
  • Improve the understanding of both German and U.S. points of view

Current faculty advisors for the program are Professor Donna CokerProfessor Jessica Owley and Professor Rebecca Sharpless.

Students are encouraged to contact the faculty advisors with questions about the substance of the exchange program. Questions regarding logistics should be directed to Ana Gonzalez: agonzalez1@law.miami.edu.


Miami Law students must participate in two sessions and make an oral presentation during each session on the U.S. perspective on a topic selected by the faculty. Law students from the University of Leipzig present the German perspective on the same topic. All presentations and discussions are in English and open to the university communities at both institutions. All students are active participants throughout all of the discussions.


Students receive 2 credits in the spring semester. They are required to participate actively in the program and to complete a short paper for the workshop. The program can also be used to fulfill the upper level writing requirement by taking an additional credit and writing a substantially longer paper on a workshop-related topic. All papers are supervised by the program faculty, often in collaboration with other Miami Law faculty with relevant expertise.


Students apply in the fall semester. Application deadline forthcoming.

The Leipzig students visit Miami in January or February and Miami Law students visit Leipzig in May soon after law school graduation. The exchanges typically last three days and four nights.


All J.D. and LL.M. students are eligible, but the timing and need for relevant background make it particularly appropriate for 2Ls. The program is limited to a maximum of ten students plus two alternates. No knowledge of German is required. Students are selected based on:

  • Overall GPA
  • Performance in relevant law school courses
  • Past relevant experience, including but not limited to foreign residence and travel, work experience, and service experiences
  • Undergraduate and graduate education
  • Scholarly writing


Students contribute a portion of the airfare cost and any increased cost due to personal travel. The two sponsoring universities cover the rest of the airfare, train travel to Leipzig from Berlin, lodging, most meals, and some entertainment.


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