Health Law Area of Focus

Health law is a fast-growing field, and South Florida is a major center for health care. For students interested in specializing in this area, we now offer an area of focus in health law.

Students may fulfill the requirements for this area of focus through taking advantage of a number of exciting classes and experiential opportunities related to health law.


This Area of Focus requires a total of 15 credits: 7 from requires courses, and 8 from elective courses.


Please note:

  • Not all of these courses are offered every semester
  • For eligible clinics, a maximum of 4 credits may count toward the area of focus
  • All Independent Study papers must be approved in advance by the program coordinator


  • Administrative Law Legal Research
  • Affordable Housing Practicum
  • Bioethics Mediation
  • Children and Youth Law Clinic
  • Community, Equity, Innovation & Resource Lab
  • Disability Law
  • Environmental Justice Clinic I
  • Environmental Justice Clinic II
  • Gender Violence, Social Justice and Law
  • Health Law: Fraud and Abuse
  • Health Law: Practice and Workshop
  • Health Rights Clinic I
  • Health Rights Clinic II
  • Hospitals, Health Care Services and Access: An Interdisciplinary Inquiry
  • Human Rights Clinic I
  • Human Rights Clinic II
  • Independent Study
  • Privacy
  • Researching the Administrative State
  • Special Topics in Mental Health Law
  • The Administrative State: The Current Moment
  • The Criminalization of Homelessness: Causes, Policy, and Practical Lawyering

  • Administrative Law
  • Health Law and Policy


Faculty Coordinator

Gabriel Scheffler

Affiliated Faculty

Contact Information

For questions, please contact Professor Gabriel Scheffler at