Concentrations / Areas of Focus

bricksWhat is a Concentration / Area of Focus?

Professor Osamudia James gives an overview of the concentrations. Read Q&A on Concentrations with Professor James.

The University of Miami School of Law offers optional concentrations and areas of focus for students interested in exploring specific fields of the law.

Completing a concentration or area of focus is ideal for those students interested in:

  • Learning how various courses can come together to inform their future practice experience
  • Deepening their substantive and practical knowledge through a specific legal lens

Students may choose only one concentration, and may chose an area of focus in addition to their concentration.  Students not choosing any concentration may chose up to three (3) areas of focus.


Current Concentrations / Areas of Focus to Choose From

The Business of Innovation, Law and Technology: BILT Concentration
Business Compliance and Sustainability Concentration or Area of Focus
Environmental Law Area of Focus
Immigration, Asylum, and Citizenship Law Area of Focus
Litigation & Dispute Resolution Concentration
Social Justice & Public Interest Concentration 

Faculty Mentorship

Professor Andres Sawicki, faculty coordinator of The Business of Innovation, Law and Technology: BILT concentration, discusses the networking benefit of pursuing a concentration.


Transcript Notation

Students who meet all requirements for either a concentration or area of focus will receive a notation on their official transcript.


For Specifics and Questions

Additional information about concentrations and areas of focus are available on the individual concentration/areas of focus webpage – The Business of Innovation, Law and Technology: BILTSocial Justice & Public Interest, Litigation & Dispute Resolution, Immigration, Asylum, and Citizenship Law, and Business Compliance and Sustainability Concentration or Area of Focus. Questions that cannot be answered there should be directed to the appropriate faculty coordinator.  


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