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Practice Advisories

The Immigration Clinic provides technical assistance and support to practitioners and advocates relating to the immigration consequences of crimes.

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Resources for People in Immigration Proceedings

The Immigration Clinic has created self-help flyers and other resources for people in Immigration proceedings to use when applying for legal relief. These resources are meant to guide people through the difficulties of immigration law, but do not constitute legal advice.

Because immigration law and procedure can be complicated and winning a case is difficult, people are encouraged to seek the assistance of a lawyer. People who are proceeding without a lawyer and anyone who would like more detailed information about the topics discussed here should visit the law library of the detention center or jail where they are detained.

I. Representing Yourself in Immigration Court

II. Detention

  • Mandatory Detention, Bond, and Parole: English | Detención Obligatoria, Fianza y Libertad Condicional: Español
  • DHS Post-Final Order Custody Review: English | Revisión de la Custodia Despues de la Orden Final del DHS: Español

III. Other Topics

  • Detainees with Minor Children: English | Detenidos Con Hijos Menores de Edad: Español
  • Legal Status Through Family: English | Cómo Obtener Estado Legal a Travésde Un Miembro Familiar Español
  • U Nonimmigrant Status for Victims of Certain Crimes English | Estado No Migratorio “U” Para Victimas de Ciertos Delitos Español
  • Vacating a Conviction: English | Anulando Una Condena Español
  • Expedited Removal or Reinstatement of Removal: English | Etraccion Adecuada, Reinstalacion de la Remocion y Procedimiento Administrativo de Remocion Español
  • Temporary Protected Status (TPS): English | Estatus de Protección Temporal: Español
  • Overview of Naturalization: English | Visión General de la Ciudadanía de los Estados Unidos Español
  • Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) English | Ley De Violencia Contra La Mujer Español


Resources for Attorneys

The Immigration Clinic of the University of Miami School of Law provides training and information for attorneys who represent indigent immigrant defendants in the criminal justice system. To request a training for your office, e-mail Rebecca Sharpless,


Additional Resources