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Launched in 1995, Miami Law’s clinical program covers a broad range of practice areas and is infused with a deep commitment to social justice. Our clinics are taught primarily by full-time faculty who are experts and trailblazers in their field, as well as gifted teachers versed in clinical pedagogy.

Under close faculty supervision, students function as the lead lawyer responsible for all aspects of the case, transaction or policy project including developing strategy, interviewing clients and witnesses, negotiating with opposing counsel, drafting pleadings, contracts or policy reports, conducting trials or arbitrations, and other lawyering activities. The skills gained in clinic are transferable to any setting, and the experience is often transformative for students and clients alike.

Miami Law clinics operate as a dynamic and innovative law office at the forefront of public interest practice. We offer high-quality legal services to clients from some of Miami’s most under-resourced communities using delivery models that reach clients who would not otherwise have access to counsel. In addition to working with individual clients, all of our clinics include a law reform or community education component. Recognizing that complex problems require multi-disciplinary solutions, our clinics routinely engage in cross-clinic collaboration and interdisciplinary partnerships with University of Miami faculty and students in other disciplines like medicine, psychiatry, engineering, education and communications, to name a few.

Bankruptcy Clinic 
Offer pro bono legal services to low-income individuals dealing with bankruptcy.

Children & Youth Law Clinic 
Represent former/current youth in foster care in dependency, health care, disability, education, immigration and other legal matters.

Environmental Justice Clinic
Serve low-income communities seeking fair treatment in the development, implementation and enforcement of environmental laws and policies.

Health Rights Clinic 
Assist low-income, health-impaired clients through this Medical-Legal Partnership with the Miller School of Medicine.

Human Rights Clinic
Practice law in the international, cross-cultural context of human rights litigation and advocacy.


Immigration Clinic 
Advocate on behalf of immigrants in a wide variety of complex immigration proceedings.

Innocence Clinic 
Represent innocent individuals incarcerated for a minimum of 10 years who have new potentially exonerating evidence.

Investor Rights Clinic 
Represent under-served investors in securities arbitration claims against their brokers before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

Startup Clinic
Help new ventures in need of legal assistance.

Tenants' Rights Clinic
Represent low-income tenants in litigation and administrative hearings primarily involving evictions and denial of affordable housing applications.

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clinic news

Read news about real-world experiences of students and faculty participating in clinical programs.

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