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No matter which of the clinics you choose, you will receive the best of what Miami Law has to offer -- the individual and personalized expertise of our full-time clinical faculty who are also practicing attorneys and specialists in their field. 

You will learn to work with real clients, the courts, opposing attorneys, community organizations and the legislature, and also learn litigation, legislative advocacy, and transactional skills to solve real problems for individuals, and society.

For many students, participating in a clinic is one of the most memorable and rewarding experiences in law school. 

Choose a Clinic that Fits Your Interest

Eleanor R. Cristol and Judge A. Jay Cristol Bankruptcy Clinic 
Offer pro bono legal services to low-income individuals dealing with bankruptcy.

Children & Youth Law Clinic 
Represent former and current youth in foster care in dependency, health care, disability, education, immigration and other legal matters.

Environmental Justice Clinic
Serve low-income communities seeking fair treatment in the development, implementation and enforcement of environmental laws and policies.

Health Rights Clinic 
Assist low-income, health-impaired clients through this Medical-Legal Partnership with the Miller School of Medicine.

Human Rights Clinic
Practice law in the international and cross-cultural context of human rights litigation and advocacy. 

Immigration Clinic 
Advocate on behalf of immigrants in a wide variety of complex immigration proceedings. 

Innocence Clinic 
Represent cases involving innocent individuals incarcerated for a minimum of 10 years who have new potentially exonerating evidence.

Investor Rights Clinic 
Represent under-served investors in securities arbitration claims against their brokers before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

Tenants' Rights Clinic 
Represent low-income tenants in litigation and administrative hearings primarily involving evictions and denial of affordable housing applications.

Clinic News

clinic news

Read clinic news about real-world experiences of students and faculty participating in clinical programs.

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