HOPE Public Interest Resource Center

HOPE Public Interest Resource Center

The Hub for Public Interest and Community Engagment for Miami Law Students

The starting point for law students committed to advocacy and service is the HOPE Public Interest Resource Center. HOPE (Helping Others Through Pro Bono Efforts), founded in 1998, provides individualized guidance to help students identify programs, clinics, projects, courses, and opportunities at the law school and beyond. HOPE is a dynamic center, building on topical and timely issues to create opportunities for law students to provide legal services and support those most in need.

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How Can HOPE Help Me as a Law Student?

  • Link me with law students who have a committment to making a difference
  • Assist me with developing transferrable lawyering skills and career planning
  • Broaden my understanding of the need for access to justice
  • Introduce me to a network of attorneys and alumni
  • Help me to explore different areas of practice

Get Involved

Contact us about opportunities for community outreach and advocacy! Check the website for programs of interest.

Have a Project Idea?

If a student has an idea for a project, please contact umhope@law.miami.edu. HOPE is eager to hear from students and explore what projects meet their interests and, if the opportunity arises, develop a new area of outreach and advocacy.

Participate and Inspire Students

Sign up to become part of our Public Interest Speaker's Board and share personal experiences about promoting access to justice for all. In addition, experiences as a private sector lawyer taking on pro bono cases, or as a full-time public interest lawyer, are stories HOPE also wishes to share with our students. Contact umhope@law.miami.edu.

Donate to HOPE

All donations go directly to serve others and promote access to justice. A donor may choose to support a specific project or make a donation to the HOPE Fellows program in order to help send Miami Law students around the globe to work with public interest agencies.

(Please note that donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law and your financial contribution to HOPE may qualify you to join the Dean's Circle. Dean's Circle membership also entitles you to recognition as a member of the University of Miami President's Circle. Click here to view current giving levels and for more information.)


Location & Contact Information

The HOPE Public Interest Resource Center is located on the 3rd floor of Building A in Suite A312.

Mailing Address:

HOPE Public Interest Resource Center
1311 Miller Drive, Suite A312
Coral Gables, FL 33146
Telephone: 305-284-2599
E-mail: umhope@law.miami.edu

Please note that in accordance with rules established by the Florida Bar, students are not authorized to practice law without the supervision of attorneys. Therefore, HOPE is unable to provide direct services to clients in need.